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Data Access

Telerik Data Access - When One Model is Just Not Enough
See how Telerik Data Access allows you to handle complex databases by using multiple Domain Models targeting the same database.


Latest Knowledge base articles:

KB:High CPU utilization and slower startup in version 6.2 and 6.3
This article explains how to deal with slow application startup (on Sitefinity 6.2 and 6.3)

New documentation articles:

Documentation article:Cart Orders
This section provides you with an overview of the Cart Orders API in Sitefinity 7.0.


Explode Pie or Donut Series on Click or Mouseover
Code Library article about toggling the explode state of a Pie/Donut series item in the chart when the item is clicked or hovered. 

Backend Services

Cloud Functions Documentation

The newly-introduced ability to implement Cloud Functions aside from the Cloud Code events is an additional way to instrument your app with meaningful server-side logic that can be executed on demand.

Cloud Functions 

Executing Cloud Functions

Windows Push Notifications Documentation
Telerik Backend Services now provide the functionality to send Push Notifications to devices running Windows 8+. You can review the documentation at the following links:

Setting up Push Notifications in the portal

Supported Push Notifications structure

Native Windows Push Notifications Sample App
Create, send and receive push notifications in Windows Store apps.

The source is available at GitHub.

Hybrid Advanced Push Sample App
A hybrid sample app that demonstrates how to create, target and receive push notifications, all from the client app. The source is available at GitHub.


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