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First, I would like to wish you all Happy New Year! Hope it brings you everything you have asked for!

Now up to today's words (post) of wisdom:

In the last couple of days a few people reported that images placed in Telerik Report, which normally look ok, start looking fuzzy when exported to PDF. We got scared for two reasons:

  1.  This has not been reported prior to our latest release
  2. We've introduced new rendering mechanism in the latest release

When you combine those, you cannot help but feel that we have somehow messed things up. Fortunately, after a quick investigation, the problem proved to be in other domain - Adobe Acrobat. If you open Adobe Acrobat, go to Edit --> Preferences --> Page Display --> Resolution you will notice that there is an active setting Custom Resolution: 110 pixels/inch. Surely enough I haven't set that myself and neither did the clients that reported that.

I do not know what is the reasoning behind Adobe's decision to add such a setting as default one, but it surely can get you confused, as the 100% you see in the Acrobat is not the real thing and as you might know any magnification of an image in pdf results in quality degradation. Once you change that setting to be "Use System Setting" everything comes in order.

So luckily there is no problem with image degradation of reports exported to PDF, but surely enough there would be more people reporting this peculiarity that we would need to calm down. Anyway as William Shakespeare once said  "All's Well, that Ends Well"

About the Author

Rossen Hristov

 is Senior Software Developer in Telerik XAML Team

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