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I am pleased to announce that today we released Q2 2013. The new version comes with plenty of highly requested and promised in the Public FeedbackPortal, PITS, What’s New and Beta release blog new controls and features:

  • New TileList control , which will help you build a Windows 8 like Start Menu with support for different tile types, multiple tiles selection and drag&drop abilities.
  • Light-weight rendering mode for Calendar , Dock, Window, FormDecorator and ToolTip
  • More stable controls: You can check in the Release Notes, how many improvements and fixes were done in the most popular and other controls.
  • Accessibility improvements in multiple controls so that they pass higher level of accessibility: AutoCompleteBox, ComboBox, Dock, FileExplorer, ListBox, SearchBox, TreeView

And that’s not all! Some of the nice additions are listed below:


  • Batch Editing Functionality in RadGrid – this client-side option improves the user experience and server performance by turning on grid cells in edit mode by simply clicking on them. You can give it a try by visiting the live demo here.
  • We also provided the ability to set header, footer and page number for the exported PDF file (live demo)


  • Excel export – a highly requested by the users feature essential for every grid control
  • Totals Calculations - instead of presenting the whole Total number, you can configure the PivotGrid to show, for example, what percentage of the GrandTotal is the value in particular cell.
  • OLAP Filtering

Chart (HTML5):

  • Candlestick chart type
  • DateTime support for databound charts
  • Properties that customize the markers appearance (size, border) and line width within the AreaSeries, LineSeries and Scatter(Line)Series
  • Clicking on the series name in the legend shows or hides the corresponding series in the chart
  • SeriesItems collection with specific item types for each chart type, and this lets you set the item’s color when creating it programmatically in the object constructor



  • New RibbonBarGallery - It is very handy in scenarios where you want to show more visual effects and need to see the changes immediately as the Styles gallery of MS Word
  • Improved ApplicationMenu, which follows the MS guidelines and looks similar to the one of MS Office


  • The control now offers the ability to resize and move figures that are already drawn (demo)
  • The default toolbar UI is updated so that the built-in tools are ordered to fit better (demo)


  • Ability to specify the search context (demo)


  • Ability to resize appointments across multiple columns in Week/Multiday View (demo)

If you already got excited about the new stuff we introduced with Q2’13, don't hesitate to play with it. Just don’t forget to post your comments below and share your impressions with us.

Some quick lines that will give you a head-start:

Release Notes

Trial downloads

Online demos


Telerik DevCraft Q2 2013 Webinar Week

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