Have you ever been addicted to something? Well I am now in the Q1 2008 Telerik Reporting Designer. The new state of the art design surface, available in Visual Studio, will definitely grab you from the very beginning. It will bring new user experience to all of you who like your reports to look better then just a list of records, items and numbers. But let me start from the beginning.

The graph paper background of the designer is specially chosen to assist you in designing your layout and gives you an excellent visual presentation of what your report will look like when finished. Positioning items on the report is the easiest thing ever; the designer gives you the unique abilities to see how far your items are from the section and page borders, and to snap your items to the grid! Talking about Easibility!

Have you ever had a huge report with many small items which you could barely select? The new zoom option comes to rescue and now you can select your items freely.

Many of you would say “Yes, but then it will be hard to navigate through a large report when it is zoomed”. True, but we thought of this as well! We have added a novel Fast Navigation Map which shows the section that you see on your screen and allows you to easily get to the report item you want to reach.

And here is probably the most important feature. It has always been a challenge to align items to one another for that perfect report. Until now you had to move them on the surface to the desired position and then align them exactly through the Location property. This is no more! Telerik Reporting allows you to snap items not only to the grid, but to snap-lines of other objects. This will help you line up your items perfectly every time.

The new design surface solves another common problem existent in the previous versions – overlapping items. For one, HTML does not support overlapping items and this was a frequent issue when using Telerik Reporting in web applications. Now, the new designer will alert you if you have items that overlap each other, and will show a yellow icon with an exclamation mark.

If this wasn’t enough, we added intuitive item rotation, which you can do with a flick of your mouse. Now you can rotate your text and shapes at any angle you want.

Unbelievable? Give it a try and create your unique report. And finally, you will get so exited by your creation that you would love to show it to everyone. Then don’t wait. Enter the Telerik Reporting Challenge and win our great prizes.

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