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The Telerik Reporting and Report Server 2020 R3 Service Pack comes with Web Report Designer template for Visual Studio, experimental vector-based SVG rendering in PDF documents and security fixes.

The new R3 2020 service pack release of Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server comes with new features, fixes and security improvements. Let’s see what’s in the box: 

Visual Studio Template for Web Report Designer

We know that configuring a complex component like the Web Report Designer can be a tedious task and we understand the need to provide a fast and reliable way to do it. That’s why we extended our item templates library with a Web Report Designer entry. This template can be added to ASP.NET Core 3.0+ and ASP.NET projects, and its sole purpose is to ease the process of creating and setting up a working Web Report Designer in your web application.


Vector-Based Rendering of SVG Markup in PDF Documents (Experimental)

In the R3 2020 release we added support for SVG files to our PictureBox item. The produced image was rendered in a vector-based format in all rendering extensions that support either native SVG markup (HTML5 rendering) or enhanced Metafile (DOCX, XLSX and PPTX formats). In this service pack release we extend this functionality, allowing you to render SVG files in PDF documents using native PDF graphical primitives that preserve the quality at any zoom level.

The vector-based rendering supports the most common SVG elements, but in case some of the elements in your SVG are not supported, we provided the option to fall back to raster rendering using a dedicated device configuration setting. The experimental implementation may cause rendering issues with some SVG files in Adobe Acrobat Reader, while other PDF readers like FoxIt PDF Reader and Chrome will do fine. We are aware of these issues and we aim to fix them in a subsequent release of our product.


Web Report Designer—Stability Improvements

We continue to refine our Web Report Designer, adding new functionalities and fixing bugs on the way. This service pack brings stability improvements in data source wizards, property editors, error messages and many others.

Increased Security in Report Server

The fixes and improvements in our Reporting product are also applicable to the Report Server to a great extent, since it utilizes the Reporting engine and can be configured to use the Web Report Designer. But for the service pack release we also identified and fixed security and performance issues valid only to Report Server. These issues include improved user access restrictions, removed exception stack traces, and eliminated possibility for XSS attacks.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features and improvements we kept on fixing bugs that are logged in our Feedback Portals or received through our customer support system. For the full list check out the release notes articles respectively for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server.

Be sure to try out the latest version by downloading it from your account, or starting a free trial here:

Try Telerik Reporting Try Telerik Report Server

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Ivan Hristov has been a software developer in the Telerik Reporting division since 2013. 

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