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Our continuous commitment to provide prompt fixes and excellent support for our products has resulted in a second Service Pack of Telerik Reporting. While smaller than the first one, it still contains important bug fixes and improvements. Here is a summary of what has been fixed:

  • Report parameters are not displayed when Session State mode in SQLServer or StateServer.
  • Sometimes font-size is not set correctly in HTML rendering.
  • WinViewer.ToolbarVisible is not serialized correctly at design-time when the viewer is in a hidden container.
  • Adding Dock or Anchor first and then setting KeepTogether does not warn of incompatibility. It simply crashes the designer later after a rebuild.
  • Report.DataSource property is not reset when deleting the DataSet used as report's data source.
  • PDF rendering extension sometimes disposes images which belong to the report definition instance.
  • Importing an external style sheet that contains a Barcode or Checkbox throws an exception.
  • Unit.ToString() and Unit.ToString(CultureInfo) does not omit the trailing zeros after the decimal separator.
  • Processing.PictureBox item should determine the MimeType of the loaded image if possible.
  • Nested anchored and docked items do not resize recursively at design time.
  • Improve the user experience while using the "Select Type" dialog (used for defining style selectors).
  • Multi-select parameter editor in WinViewer does not initially check the <Select All> item properly.
At the moment I am writing this the files are being uploaded to our servers and they should be available in the Client.Net accounts of all subscription holders any time now.

About the Author

Rossen Hristov

 is Senior Software Developer in Telerik XAML Team

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