Join us as we recap the webinar and answer the questions you asked us during the Telerik R1 2018 webinar. Missed it, or just want to see it again? Catch the replay here.

This blog post provides an overview of the webinar, its recording (in case you missed it), and a summary of the questions (with answers) that were asked during the webinar through #HeyTelerik on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Ed Charbeneau, Sam Basu, Stefan Stefanov and I hosted a webinar that focused on the R1 2018 release of our Telerik UI tools.

Presenters from Telerk UI R1 2018 Release Webinar

We featured a lot of content during the webinar. It highlighted the latest features that were added to our tools and UI controls for web, mobile, desktop and reporting solutions:

Top Highlights in R1 2018

As you can imagine, covering everything in 60 minutes wasn’t easy! I think we did a pretty good job. I’d recommend checking out our release summary to learn what’s new in the latest release: Telerik - What’s New.

Webinar Recording

We get it. Webinars can be tough to sit through. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to watch the whole thing. We’ve posted it to YouTube, and you can watch it now:

We post videos to our YouTube channel on a regular basis: Progress Telerik on YouTube. Please subscribe to recieve notifications when new videos are published!

Webinar Prize Winners

We had a lot of great questions asked during the webinar. We decided to give away a couple of prizes to thank folks for attending the webinar. Congratulations to Tracy Madison for asking the best question! You’ve won an Xbox One X game console. Also, we’ve drawn a random attendee to win a drone with an integrated camera: Carl Neumann. Congratulations to you as well!

Questions and Answers

We received a wide range of questions during the webinar. Here’s a few of them that we had an opportunity to answer.

I am fairly new to Web Development. We have a designing team that produces pure HTML5 code not Angular or React just HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS that dictates the look and feel. Which of the suites or framework would be the best to integrate easily with HTML5 and add data binding and CRUD functionality? We dont want to redesign the HTML part but use what is provided by designing team.
That would be Kendo UI!

I haven’t seen any updates to the JustAssembly tool. Is that product going to be improved?
It is improved every time the decompilation engine gets updated - last update two weeks ago. Any particular update you have in mind?

What accessibility standard(s) is supported in your web controls?
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Section 508. We also follow WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) for compliance with those two specifications.

The UI of JustAssembly is confusing. For example, it’s difficult to understand which file has what difference in it when it is in comparison view.
We would like to hear more about it. Please elaborate on the matter by opening issue in our repository on GitHub: JustAssembly.

Are there any plans to ever show examples of code in Progress OpenEdge?
We try our best to cram as much as possible into our webinars. It’s something we’re always evaluating. 60 minutes isn’t a lot of time to explore every detail.

Can the Scheduler component in Kendo UI for Angular communicate with Exchange or Lotus Notes Calendar?
Not out-of-the-box. You’d have to write some plumbing to make this work.

Are there any performance differences between HTML helpers, Tag Helpers, or Kendo UI?
On the client-side? No. They emit the same things. On the server side? There’s a minor hit, but it’s negated through JIT-compilation and output caching in ASP.NET.

Are button groups only used for creating a visual grouping? Or, do they have other advantages?
Button groups are great for visual effect and when you need a dynamic set of buttons in your UI. Since the group fires a single event with the button id, it’s really flexible.

I have looked at the Kendo UI but its flavors of React or Angular means I have to modify the HTML tags itself that the design team produced.
We’ll be covering React and Angular support in Kendo UI in our next webinar later this week. Lots of examples. I’d check it out.

Can you not create these Tag Helpers in a WYSIWYG?
In reference to Tag Helpers, no, there is no visual editor for ASP.NET Core.

Are Tag Helpers are only available for ASP.NET Core and not ASP.NET MVC?
This is correct. Microsoft implemented Tag Helpers for ASP.NET Core only. However, ASP.NET Core is capable of utilizing the .NET Framework. This way, you have ASP.NET Core (MVC), with Tag Helpers, and .NET Framework libraries.

The new tag helper sounds really nice! However? Is there a converter tool? that would convert the code or you need to do all manually for a whole existing project? Can you elaborate? Thanks
There’s currently no converter tool, or a plan for one. HTML Helpers are not deprecated in any way, so they will keep on working as-is. If you plan on refactoring the benefit would only be readability. With that said, we do offer documentation that shows both HTML and Tag Helpers side-by-side. Once you learn them, it’s pretty easy to translate from one to another.

Could you tell if the examples shown will be available on the site? Specifically, the examples on the site will be updated how soon?
We always update our demos page with each release: Telerik Demos.

Can you define a sort order for the filter list when enabling multi-filter?
Sort order can be defined on a column-by-column basis, both programmatically and through the interface that users are provided with (clicking on the header). When filtering the sort order is still maintained for the column(s) in question, you’re just sorting on the filtered data.

Can the Items in that multi-select filter be sorted alphabetically?
Yes, items in a multi-select filter can be sorted alphabetically. If you’re running into issues with this, please reach out to our support for assistance!

Are these Tag Helpers based on Angular
No. Tag Helpers still use Razor and are processed on the server. The rendered output utilizes jQuery on the client.

I am currently included on our Java team project. Do you have any sample code that I can use to incorporate this Kendo UI?
Please check out Telerik UI for JSP. In general, we work in an agnostic way so there doesn’t need to be specific Java integration.

Is a Kendo UI for React project template for Visual Studio planned?
While our first stab at this kind of template came from Angular, we’re looking in to other JavaScript frameworks as well. We do not have a specific release in mind, but we will be looking to help React developers using Visual Studio at some point in the future!

For the Angular Project Template, how much knowledge of the areas like Angular do you need?
Some basic Angular 101 will get you far enough to modify the template. It’s a nice way to get in and be productive while you learn the stack since configuration is taken care of and Webpack is mostly abstracted.

What is the difference between Telerik UI and Kendo UI?
Our UI controls suites that target ASP.NET are powered by Kendo UI. These UI control suites are geared towards .NET developers who enjoy HTML Helpers, Tag Helpers, Scaffolding, and File → New Project… templates. The tight integration we provide is great for developers using Visual Studio. Using Kendo UI directly without these features is great for non-.NET developers.

Does Kendo UI work on SharePoint 2016 web site?
Yes! There should be no issue adding in a library like Kendo UI in to SharePoint 2016. SharePoint has a ton of REST APIs that can be hooked in to the Kendo UI components too. So, it’s a good usage of Kendo UI.

Will you expand the Scheduler component to add a “year” view in Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC?
It’s not on the immediate plans but we’ll be looking into adding it in future releases

Where in page development are controls populated? especially calendar, pickers when populated from lists gathered from external sources?
I am unable to understand this question, can you please elaborate and specify the product you are interested in?

Is all the control rendering capabilities available when used as registered editors in dataform?
Can you please specify which controls and what capabilities you're asking about?

Are rendering styles of controls in dataform in UWP able to be set in shared UI code like iOS & Android?
Not sure I follow your question exactly; DataForm UI can be set in shared code for all platforms.

Are there any plans for additional Kendo UI ASP.Core templates? Say, for Vue.js?
We’re still investigating and gathering feedback around what templates we can offer developers beyond what we already have, and Vue.js can definitely be a part of this! I can’t give specific release dates but we will evaluate all the frameworks Kendo UI supports going forward.

I am a Progress Developer, using Progress OpenEdge 11.7 / Webspeed. Can I keep using Webspeed for rest connectivity to Telerik UI?
While we are not experts on WebSpeed (we’d have to rely on our Progress OpenEdge colleagues for a more in-depth answer), if the library exposes the data in a standard way (JSON, OData, or through an SDK in .NET etc.) then there should be no problem hooking this in to any of the UI components that we offer across the DevCraft collection.

Can you use Kendo UI to build a better interface on top of an existing application built with VB.NET and Telerik UI for ASP.NET?
This is definitely possible! Kendo UI can be added in as a JavaScript file and from there can work just fine along with whatever else is on the page (no namespace conflicts etc.). Kendo UI doesn’t worry about the server-side stuff either so VB.NET is fine!

What is the link for the Kendo UI one [Webinar] on Thursday?
The registration page for the Kendo UI R1 2018 Release Webinar can be found on our website: Build Better Web Apps Faster With Kendo UI.

Are Tag Helpers only available for the ASP.NET Core? Or, can they be used with the ASP.NET MVC version as well?
Tag Helpers are currently available for ASP.NET Core.

What's the url for this pitch as got pulled away (as soon as they see you have a headphone on watching something). Also how does the Xamarin solution with your new NativeScript solution
You can watch the webinar recording on the same URL you registered. Xamarin is for .NET/C# devs and NativeScript is for web technologies - you do whichever works for you.

Are there examples connecting your UWP controls to SQL servers?
System.Data provides that access. Lots of examples online about this.

I have experienced an issue where binding a viewmodel value to a picker is often bound before the picker list of values is filled. By trying to set the item in OnAppearing. Was wondering if Telerik controls did anything different to be sure both the list and value are provided in proper timing.
We will have to look at this. Please contact support to investigate: Get Technical Support.

Are all the adjustments shown for the Telerik entry control pushed to the Registered editors inside a dataform?
We haven’t pushed anything from RadEntry into the data form editors. Will be happy to hear more about what you have in mind. You can use our feedback portal to post your suggestion. 

I have noticed that setting a dataform editorStyle does not always adjust the editor appearance on UWP, but other facets, like header text are colored, but not sized.
We would like to hear more about this. Please submit either in the portal or a support ticket so we can investigate and help out!

Great to hear of improvements to the PivotGrid - will the new version be able to handle a flat data source instead of a cube (like the Infragistics version)?
We already support local data sources. Check out the supported sources here: Populating with Data.

Do you have any online theme training? For corporate branding?
The documentation for the WPF themes can be found online: Themes Suite. We have extensive documentation of each of the themes we provide in Telerik UI for WPF.

Are there equivalents of the WPF Map controls for web and mobile platforms?
Yes! We have map controls available for both web and mobile platforms.

Does the BarCode control read barcodes? Or, just generate them?
Currently, just generating. We would like to hear more about the “read” scenario - what do you have in mind?

Glad you are going for Vue.JS but [I] still use old AngularJS for work!
Fantastic support for Angular remains one of our top priorities. You can learn more about what we have cooking in the Kendo UI webinar from February 1st: Build Better Web Apps Faster With Kendo UI.

Do you consider that Telerik as far way ahead than any competitors in 2018?
Only in 2018? ;) We like to think it’s been this way for a long time.

Where I can see roundButtonStyle?
I would recommend checking out Peter Marchev’s blog post, Check out the New Button Control in Telerik UI for Xamarin.

Will the sample apps shown be available as source so we can review the code?
The source code for the sample application is included in our trial download; look for the QSF application that’s listed. If you’re an existing customer, this is available through your account page.

Will these Xamarin demos be available for download?
The demo app in available in app stores for Android and iOS. The source code for it is included in the download section of your Telerik account page.

We have round buttons in our WPF application. I’d prefer to use your styles if I can.
That’s great. You can control the border radius of buttons easily. The (new) Fluent theme supports this. You can learn more about that here.

Does Telerik Reporting talk to the Progress Database now?
The R1 2018 release of Telerik Reporting got a big boost in terms of connectivity. I’d recommend checking out Ivan Hristov’s blog entitled, Telerik Reporting R1 2018 Makes Database Connectivity Even Easier to find out more.

Where can we get a copy of the music used during the countdown?
I hear elevators are a good source. ;)

Will this webinar be recorded? We will be able to watch it later?
Do we have a recoding for this session?
Yes, it is recorded. We have published the recording to our YouTube channel: Progress Telerik. You can also catch it at the top of this post.

Will you cover any SharePoint webparts? Will you have a webinar that will cover SharePoint Web Parts?
No, not for this webinar. We don’t have any plans to cover SharePoint Web Parts at this point in time.

We need for the web browser to render Word/Excel docs in the browser, so it cannot be downloaded, eg security and IP leakage for banking.
The browser utilizes HTTP(S) as the underlying protocol. What’s to prevent someone from connecting to your site/service via HTTP outside the confines of a browser? The answer is: nothing. Once you emit something across the wire, it’s no longer under your control. My recommendation is to evaluate the risks and mitigate them as best as you can.

Is there a tentative date for the release of your online training?
Soon. Very soon. Watch your inbox in early February 2018 for more details.

Will this webinar be available to watch again? I missed the first part of it.
Yes, we’re recording and it can be found on our YouTube channel, and at the top of this post.

Do the chickens have large talons?
Large chickens do. I think.

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