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See a highlight of what’s new this month in the Progress Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries.

Common Release Items

Classic Theme Support in ThemeBuilder

Great news! Progress ThemeBuilder now supports the classic theme, allowing everyone to style their projects effortlessly using this revamped Sass theme. With a modern twist, the classic theme opens up exciting new possibilities for project customization.

Compatibility with .NET 8 Preview 7

The Telerik UI for Blazor and ASP.NET Core libraries are now compatible with Microsoft’s .NET 8 Preview 7, which is the final preview release for .NET 8.

Telerik Ninja illustration with .NET 8 Preview

If you are curious to learn more about the latest preview and .NET 8, don’t forget to check:

Telerik UI for Blazor

New DropDownButton Component

Announcing the latest addition to our Telerik UI for Blazor library—the DropDownButton component.

The DropDownButton for Blazor combines a button and a dropdown, offering a concise interface for organizing a set of related user actions. It allows users to click the main button and access a popup menu to choose from additional actions.

Paste has a down arrow to indicate its dropdown menu. On click, the dropdown button opens additional options for Paste Text, Paste HTML, Paste Markdown, and Set Default Paste

Check out the Telerik UI for Blazor DropDownButton demo.

New Waterfall Chart Component

We have enriched our Telerik UI for Blazor Charts suite with a new addition—the Waterfall Chart component.

The Blazor Waterfall Chart visualizes cumulative effects of sequential values, whether time-based or category-based. It aids quantitative analysis for inventory, cash flows and performance.

A waterfall chart for cash flow showing beginning balance before January and then each month's difference

Check out the Telerik UI for Blazor Waterfall Chart demo.

Charts Enhancements

We have now made our Charts a lot more interactive—check the new drilldown capability and events below:

  • The Telerik UI for Blazor Charts now supports drilldown functionality for exploring data.
  • New ways to interact with Telerik UI for Blazor Chart components:

Gantt Enhancement: Popup Editing

The built-in editing popup in Telerik UI for Blazor Gantt Chart now displays three different tabs:

  • General tab allows users to edit the title, completion ratio and start and end dates of a given task, as well as change the parent task.
  • Predecessors tab displays the list of all predecessor dependencies for a certain task. The edit mode allows the user to update a dependency’s starting task, create a new dependency or remove an existing one.
  • Successors tab displays a list of all successor dependencies for a certain task. The edit mode enables the user to update a dependency’s finishing task, create a new dependency or remove an existing one.

See the Telerik UI for Blazor Gantt popup editing demo.

For more details on the latest release, check the full Telerik UI for Blazor 4.5.0 release notes.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core and MVC

Stay awake—we’re cooking up something very exciting! In this release, we’ve concentrated on enhancing the accessibility of our components and ensuring they comply with CSP regulations.

For more details on the latest release, check the full ASP.NET Core R2 2023 SP2 (version 2023.2.829) and ASP.NET MVC R2 2023 SP2 (version 2023.2.829) release notes.

Kendo UI for jQuery

Pyramid Chart

Our new Kendo UI for jQuery Pyramid Chart component is designed for visualizing data within a pyramidal structure, conveniently divided into horizontal sections. This unique chart shape allows each section to have a distinct size, visually representing the hierarchy among topics based on the width of each section.

A pyramid chart for sales has a taller top section in blue, medium tall yellow section in the middle and a shorter green section at the bottom of the triangle

See a demo of the Kendo UI for jQuery Pyramid Chart component.

Grid ContextMenu

Our Grid component now includes a feature-rich built-in Context Menu, offering capabilities such as copy selection, item addition, editing, deletion, row reordering and more. Developers can effortlessly harness these functionalities by enabling the menu, making it a powerful addition for enhancing user interactions.

In a table grid, a row is highlighted and a context menu is open with options to add row, edit row, delete row, move row up, move row down

See the new Context Menu feature of the Kendo UI for jQuery Grid.

CSP Improvements

We always focus on security and want to ensure our components follow the latest security standards. Our team has made several improvements to make our product even more secure.

Simply Kendo UI for jQuery Distribution

Beginning with our major release in October, we’re streamlining the Kendo UI for jQuery distribution by removing the bundled jQuery script. Our backward-compatible components empower you to select your preferred supported jQuery version, offering a lighter package that grants you complete flexibility with your jQuery setup.

Kendo UI for Angular

Drag & Drop Between ListView and Grid

Our latest update for Kendo UI for Angular includes a new demo that simplifies data management. You can easily drag and drop items between a ListView and a Data Grid component for smoother data organization.

Product is being dragged to a different list

Check out the new Kendo UI for Angular demo on how to Drag and Drop items between the Grid and the ListView components.

Pyramid Chart Type

Introducing the KendoReact Chart component, purpose-built for displaying data in a pyramidal structure, with horizontal sections that dynamically adjust in size. This distinct chart format visually conveys topic hierarchy, where section width corresponds directly to each topic’s level.

See a demo of the Kendo UI for Angular Pyramid Chart component.

Enhanced Getting Started Pages

We’re happy to share updates to our “Getting Started” pages, designed to provide everyone a smoother and more intuitive experience. These improvements aim to help you swiftly and effortlessly get up and running with our components.


Spreadsheet Improvements

The KendoReact SpreadSheet continues to evolve and improve. Since its initial release, we’ve been closely attuned to your feedback, and we’re excited to announce a host of new features in today’s release:

  • Enhanced editing and formatting tools
  • Custom functions
  • Error handling support

A spreadsheet showing an invoice with product id, name, quantity, price, tax and amounts. The header and footer have a light blue background and the rows alternate white and lighter blue.

See a demo of the Spreadsheet with the new formating and error handling features.

Support for Disabled Items

Our latest DropDowns feature allows you to disable specific list items, offering greater control over user interactions to align with your business needs. Ensure users can only select available options, enhancing usability and efficiency. This feature is available for the following components: DropDownList, AutoComplete, ComboBox and MultiSelect.

Dropdown for tshirt size selection has grayed out medium and XL, indicating those sizes are unavailable

See demo of KendoReact DropDownList with disabled items.

Map’s Pin SVG Icons Support

We’ve enhanced the Map component in our ongoing commitment to incorporating SVG icons seamlessly. Now, you have the flexibility to effortlessly integrate custom SVG icons to mark precise points on your map, further personalizing your mapping experience.

Map of the United States with pins in four locations

See demo of KendoReact Map component.

Timeline Keyboard Navigation

To enhance our Timeline component, we’re introducing keyboard navigation functionality, enabling users to move between timeline items effortlessly. This addition enhances usability and improves the component’s accessibility, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Timeline is being navigated through with Enter, down, up, and Space

Check out our new KendoReact Timeline Keyboard Navigation demo.

Keyboard Navigation Utility

Introducing our latest utility component, designed to streamline accessibility: Keyboard Navigation. Developers can now effortlessly integrate keyboard navigation into any component, including custom ones, ensuring enhanced accessibility across your entire application.

A hierarchical list is navigated with up, down and Space

Check out the new KendoReact Keyboard Navigation Utility.

Our Breadcrumb component now offers small, medium and large sizing options, granting developers the flexibility to adapt it to various scenarios, from compact mode to mobile-friendly sizes. With these straightforward options, customization is a breeze, ensuring a seamless fit for your design needs.

Page navigation breadcrumbs display in small, medium and large

Try our all of the sizing options of the KendoReact Breadcrumb component.

Data Grid Helper

Introducing the GridHelper, a powerful component that augments the capabilities of KendoReact Grid. It offers a user-friendly interface with built-in features for data operations, common functionalities and extensive customization options for end users, such as column hiding and PDF/Excel export, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit.

One button has Show/hide columns and user deselects some columns. Then the settings has checkboxes for filterable, selectable, sortable, groupable, pageable

See the new KendoReact Grid Helper and configure all options with ease.

More Coming Soon

The next major release, R3 2023, is coming soon. Stay tuned to learn more about what updates will be available.

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