It is our pleasure to announce the availability of a new version of Telerik CAB Enabling Kit that supports the latest RadControls for WinForms Q1 2012 SP1.

This update includes removing obsolete adapters, major refactoring of current Workspaces and creating a new workspace which supports all MDI application scenarios.

Here is the list of the available Workspaces:

  • RadDockWorkspace 
  • RadPageViewWorkspace 
  • RadFormWorkspace 
  • RadFormMdiWorkspace 
  • RadTabbedMdiWorkspace 

In this release we have also improved the functionality of the UIAdapters and we have increased their number. Now we have a common adapter for all RadControls, which use RadItemCollection. 

The available UiAdapters are:

  • sRadCommandBarUIAdapter 
  • sRadRibbonBarUIAdapter 
  • sRadTreeNodeUiAdapter 
  • sRadTreeViewUIAdapter 
  • sRadItemCollectionUIAdapter - (RadMenu, RadStatusStrip, all controls that support RadItem collections)

Telerik CAB Enabling Kit is available for download at CodePlex

Happy coding!
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Nikolay Diyanov

Diyanov is the Product Manager of the Native Mobile UI division at Progress. Delivering outstanding solutions that make developers' lives easier is his passion and the biggest reward in his work. In his spare time, Nikolay enjoys travelling around the world, hiking, sun-bathing and kite-surfing.

Find him on Twitter @n_diyanov or on LinkedIn.

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