CAB Support

Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms in a nutshell

The Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms provides seamless integration of UI for WinForms with the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and its underlying infrastructure. The Telerik CAB Enabling Kit includes a set of Workspaces, UIElementAdapters, CommandAdapters, and CAB Application Classes for selected Telerik WinForms controls to help developers use common practices and patterns when building visually appealing and productive enterprise applications, such as those used by call center staff, IT support desks or stock traders.

With the Telerik CAB Enabling Kit you can:

  • Easily develop smart client applications with renowned packages like UI for WinForms, the Composite UI Application Block framework, and Visual Studio 2010;
  • Add enterprise-grade components with rich visual styling to your existing CAB applications by using UI for WinForms;
  • Build complex, enterprise-ready Windows Forms solutions, based on common patterns and practices found in line-of-business front-end applications.

What’s in the package?

The CAB kit contains all needed wrappers to start using UI for WinForms with the CAB framework right away. It also comes with documentation and a reference application to increase the learning curve and to help you quickly get you up to speed.

Supported Telerik components

  • RadTreeView
  • RadDock
  • RadMenu
  • RadPageView
  • RadForm
  • RadCommandBar
  • RadRibbonBar
  • RadStatusStrip


  • RadDockWorkspace
  • RadPageViewPageWorkspace
  • RadFormMdiWorkspace
  • RadTabbedMdiWorkspace


  • RadCommandBarUIAdapter
  • RadItemCollectionUIAdapter
  • RadMenuUIAdapter
  • RadMenuItemsCollectionUIAdapter
  • RadRibbonBarUIAdapter
  • RadTreeViewUIAdapter
  • RadTreeNodeUIAdapter

CAB Application Classes

  • RadWindowsFormsApplication
  • RadFormShellApplication
  • RadApplicationContextApplication

Sample application with UI for WinForms and CAB

The Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms solution comes with two sample applications - Finance and BankTeller. The finance application is modeled after the famous WPF WoodGrove Finance Application. It uses the CAB framework and all supported Telerik controls.

The Telerik Commitment to supporting CAB

Being one of the first vendors to provide support for the CAB and the SCSF, Telerik is strongly committed to provide seamless and easy integration with the CAB infrastructure. To make the integration more robust and trouble-free, Telerik developed the CAB Enabling Kit for Windows Forms and released it as an open source project, hosted on CodePlex. This ensures that new adapters are added constantly by the community, and that the project is extended regularly. The project is fully supported by Telerik and is updated with each new Telerik release (at least 3 times per year) to guarantee that the latest Telerik versions are supported. All change sets and updates submitted on CodePlex are considered for inclusion when updating the main project.


  • UI for WinForms
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • .NET Framework 2.0+
  • Microsoft Composite UI Application Block Framework