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    What to Expect from Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX Control Suite in February 2013

    We spent the past few weeks reviewing the feedback we’ve received from you through support tickets, our public issue tracking system, emails to our sales team, talks with our evangelists at conferences, etc. We are now officially ready to announce the plans we’ve come up with based on your input. Basically, we will develop our ASP.NET AJAX control suite in several directions: 1. Enhancing User Experience Persistence Framework – with Q1 2013 your users will be able to persist app settings between sessions. Improved performance thanks to modern (light) rendering leveraging HTML5 and CSS3 in modern browsers for our Window, Dock, Rating, Tooltip, Button and...
    November 26, 2012
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    8 New ASP.NET PivotGrid Features Not to Miss

    Although Telerik’s ASP.NET PivotGrid control is in still beta, it is getting full of useful features. Some of them are requested by our clients who have started using the control since its CTP release, and the other have to be implemented because the pivot table’s concept requires them. Below I am listing the most recently added functionalities: PivotGrid ConfigurationPanel Filtering PivotGrid Layouts Totals Placement Modes Aggregates Position Tooltips Drag to Group Range Grouping (Group Date, Time and Numeric Values)
    November 12, 2012
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    Telerik’s RadDock and RadTagCloud Are Even More Accessible – See Their New Keyboard Support

    When you create a site you want it to be accessible as well as beautiful. We strive to give you both and this is why we have taken up a major campaign to improve the accessibility support of Telerik’s  ASP.NET AJAX controls .We, as developers, are quite used to getting things done through the keyboard and we want to give your users the same experience. This time the Dock and TagCloud controls are leveling up. RadDock now has keyboard support Since Q3 2012 RadDock has the ability to execute DockCommands using keyboard shortcuts. To enable this new feature all you need to do is set...
    November 07, 2012
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    Browser Zoom - Why Does It Break Your Page And How To Avoid It

    The current situation The major browsers offer the option to zoom the entire page rather than just increase the font size. This is an important accessibility feature, which is often used not only by people with vision impairments, but also by users that, for different reasons, need to see the page smaller or larger. Usually we zoom to increase the font size but, since the browser zooms the entire page, visual glitches could appear when the layout is based on background images and/or sprites. It will not ruin the page accessibility but will leave a feeling that the UI is not structured very well. And we don’t want...
    November 05, 2012
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    Filtering Options for Your Telerik ASP.NET AJAX PivotGrid

    RadPivotGrid’s development is gathering momentum and Q3 brings along a major improvement: our pivot grid control for Asp.Net Ajax already comes equipped with a powerful filtering mechanism. Let’s look straight into what this new feature offers. Filtering in RadPivotGrid supports three modes: report, label and value. 1. Report filters Report filters are applied on fields that do not participate in the grouping of the data but are still present in the underlying data source:   So, for example, let’s suppose that your data items grouped by RadPivotGrid feature a Category property with 100 unique values. Furthermore, your manager needs a report where the data should be grouped...