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    The Changing Visuals of the Visual Aid

    Visual Studio received a facelift in 2012, and our tools changed to match its look and feel. It wasn't without some controversy, but there’s nearly universal agreement that the new theming support is cool. If you haven’t experienced it yet, install the Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor. It’s from Microsoft, and it’s free. We modified JustCode well before the official release of Visual Studio 2012 to support the new theming capabilities. Since you use Visual Studio for your development environment, we want to ensure our tools integrate for a seamless experience.
    December 05, 2012
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    JustCode Code Style Settings for C#, Part 1

    In our previous blog posts on the JustCode Formatter, we’ve showed you what it is and how it works. If you haven’t read those yet, please see our post on "Introducing the Formatter" and "Comparing the JustCode Formatter to the Visual Studio Formatter". One of our design goals was to make sure the Formatter is much more customizable than Visual Studio’s, and in this post, we will show you how easy it is to customize it. What are the Code Style settings? When you utilize JustCode’s refactorings, expand code templates, format and/or clean your code, or make other changes to your code, JustCode...
    November 16, 2012
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    Just* works even better in Visual Studio 2012

    Exciting news never comes alone. The brand-new Visual Studio 2012 is officially released bringing lots of good and handy new features, options and opportunities for all .NET developers. Telerik is never behind, and we’ve released Service Packs for your favorite Telerik tools that make them integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio 2012. The recent Telerik JustCode Service Pack 2 adds dynamic support for the new color themes in VS 2012. This means that if you change the colors and theme of your Visual Studio 2012 instance, JustCode will simply pick them up and use them. And if VS looks good, JustCode will look...
    September 20, 2012
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    Fresh off the Press – “Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5” Free E-book

    Save Time Josh and myself have spent quite a lot of time with Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5 and have stumbled across some really awesome gems that we wanted to share with the developer community. So we took these gems and put together an ebook called "Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5”. This ebook contains an overview of the features that we found to be the most helpful and that overall help you as a developer do one thing; save time. Whether it be actually reducing the amount of code you have to write to achieve a certain functionality,...
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    JustCode formatter versus Visual Studio formatter

    In one of our previous blog posts, covering JustCode formatter and code style options, we began looking at one of JustCode's great code formatting features. In this post we will make a comparison to the Visual Studio formatter and give a more detailed explanation of JustCode Code Style settings. JustCode formatter compared to VS formatter The JustCode formatter can be executed for the whole solution, a project, all files in a given directory, a single file, and user selection. It is also used internally when JustCode generates code for you. Code Cleaner, another great feature of JustCode, has a cleaning step to execute the...
    March 06, 2012