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Check out the latest updates and fixes in Reporting and Report Server, designed to help give you the best reports for all your applications.

New Aggregate Functions

We have added a pair of new aggregate functions that are available for use in Report Server reports out-of-the-box. The AllValues and AllDistinctValues aggregate functions can be used as default value for a multivalue report parameter. Thus, you can have all parameter values selected by default in a multivalue report parameter.

Improved Report Explorer

The Report Explorer tool window can be a huge help when you have to quickly comprehend a report's structure or when navigating through the report items. The Report Explorer will now better track your report item selection and will keep its scroll state.

Better High DPI Support in Report Designer Tools

Windows laptops with small displays but 4k resolution are getting more popular. However, they require very high DPI settings that can cause UI issues that otherwise are not detectable. Having this in mind, we are dedicated to improving our designer's DPI awareness. In this release, we have fixed the EditAction dialog and Properties tool window DPI issues.

PDF borders

Telerik Reporting flexible styling supports combining different border colors for each side of the styled item. To support that in the PDF rendering we are using polygons that may cause blurry output and an inconsistent border width in the PDF viewer. This is unacceptable for us, and we have improved the PDF rendering to avoid the borders antialiasing whenever possible.

Stabilize Telerik Reporting and Visual Studio 2017 Integration

As always, we strive to provide the best Visual Studio integration as quickly as possible. And so with this release, we are introducing some bug fixes that improve the Visual Studio 2017 support.

For a detailed list of all the fixes check out the release notes pages for Reporting and Report Server.

What's Cooking

This is the last planned service pack before releasing the R2 2017, and we've got a lot of great stuff cooking for our next release. To give you a taste, we are busy finalizing the HTML5 Report Viewer Component for Angular and Standalone Report Designer - Query Designer support for ODBC data connections with extended support for OpenEdge database.

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