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    MbUnit 3 and Gallio Support for JustCode

    The unit test runner in Telerik JustCode has supported five different unit testing frameworks: MSTest, xUnit, NUnit 2.5, MSPec, and MbUnit 2.4. MbUnit 3 is significantly different than prior iterations by having a different underlying engine: the Gallio Test Automation Platform. The newly released service pack for JustCode supports this framework, allowing you to take advantage of its many features. You can get started with MbUnit 3 with the assemblies provided by JustCode or downloading and installing the latest Gallio package. Afterwards, create a class library and add references to the Gallio and MbUnit assemblies. These can be found in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Telerik\JustCode\Libraries\Extensions or the GAC...
    September 19, 2011