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    Telerik Reporting Q1 2009 SP1 is now live

    Once again our constant urge to provide you with the Telerik quality you're used to, resulted in Q1's first service pack of Telerik Reporting. It's needless to say that it contains important bug fixes and improvements of the product and to our new "players" - the Table and HtmlTextBox items. Here is a brief overview: Added support for multi-page view in the Win Report Viewer - although it is not common to include new functionality for a service pack, we decided to push this through instead of making you wait for the Q2 release. This has been long awaited feature for many of you, so do give it a spin. Next thing...
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    Free Whitepaper: Understanding the What, Why and How of Reporting Solutions

    Often we see requests from our Telerik Reporting clients to produce PDF or HTML representations of tabular data in order to be able to print the data on paper and/or to create a document. Although this is a common scenario, the proper tool or product has to be used in order to get the best possible results. Telerik Reporting supports these document formats, but often it is mistaken for a format conversion tool (say HTML to PDF), rather than a report generation tool, only because it supports these two formats. We also see a common misconception that Telerik Reporting is...
    April 15, 2009
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    Reporting: assembly scoped user functions

    Hi guys, We've been having requests for the feature in the title for some time and finally we were able to introduce it in the Q3 SP2 release.  Generally user functions allow you to extend the default behavior of the Telerik Reporting engine. They are public static  (Public Shared in VB.NET) methods that should always return a value and can take an arbitrary number of input parameters depending on your needs. They are public static, because they are not related to a concrete instance of a report. They are executed by the expression engine and work in the context of the report processing. If you...
    February 18, 2009
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    Reporting: How to set default value for a multivalue parameter

    Generally when you want to set a default value for a parameter, you use the Value property of the parameter (this.ReportParameters["MyParam"].Value), but what to set when you want all values to be selected by default  i.e you have a multivalue parameter? You can do that by providing an ArrayList containing all your values to the report parameter Value property. For consistency of the Tips & Tricks series, I am going to use the project from the Using Report parameters UI to sort by column blog post. Let's make the SortByColumn parameter accept multivalues by setting the MultiValue property to True. We...
    January 16, 2009
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    "The strange case of Adobe Acrobat" or why do images in Telerik Reports get fuzzy when exported to PDF

    First, I would like to wish you all Happy New Year! Hope it brings you everything you have asked for! Now up to today's words (post) of wisdom: In the last couple of days a few people reported that images placed in Telerik Report, which normally look ok, start looking fuzzy when exported to PDF. We got scared for two reasons:  This has not been reported prior to our latest release We've introduced new rendering mechanism in the latest release When you combine those, you cannot help but feel that we have somehow messed things up. Fortunately, after a quick investigation, the problem proved...
    January 07, 2009