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    See What’s New in Telerik Reporting Q3’14

    Wait no more, check out what’s included in the just-released version of Telerik Reporting in Q3 2014.
    October 29, 2014
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    Q1 2013 Webinar Follow Up - Impress Your End-Users with New Visualizations in Telerik Reporting. Manage Large Data Models with OpenAccess.

    We have a new charting engine in Telerik Reporting, and you are going to love it! Experience the new integrated graph component which will supersede the current Chart Report Item. We will also show you how to manage large OpenAccess ORM domain models through the new Multiple Diagrams support – it is quick, simple, and fun. Did you know that OpenAccess supports streaming of large data files from the database? Yes, it sure can, and we will show you how to do it.
    March 06, 2013
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    Working with Report Templates in the Report Designer

    The Report templates in Telerik Reporting hold the initial report layout and styling, and allow for creating reports with consistent look and feel. They save time by skipping the repetitive tasks associated with building a new report every time, so that users can focus on the specific requirements of the new report. These tasks may include setting page sizes, connecting to data sources, defining headers and footers (such as adding a logo and page numbers), as well as styling. In Q3 2012 you can create, load, and reuse such report templates in the standalone Report Designer. Creating a Report Template is...
    October 17, 2012
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    Telerik Report Designer

    With Q1 2012 release the highly anticipated Telerik Report Designer has arrived - a desktop application for creating reports, utilizing the power of Telerik Reporting. The Telerik Report Designer features a simple ribbon interface and all the necessities for intuitive report creation like report items, wizards, explorers, all of them situated in a comfortable multi-document interface. This allows power users to create and edit ad-hoc reports on the fly.  Creating a report is simple and the output is saved as XML report definition (.trdx or Telerik Report Definition XML) in a proprietary XML format, which can be shared with other users. Your...
    February 20, 2012