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    Need Accessibility in Your ASP.NET AJAX Apps? You’re Already Covered

    Here at Telerik accessibility support has always been important. We strive to ensure that when you are developing an application with our ASP.NET AJAX controls you can rest easy knowing that they provide compliance with some of the highest standards in the industry. Ease-of-mind and ease-of-implementation, does it get any better? :) Let’s take a look at just how we are making your applications more accessible. Accessibility Guidelines For a while now Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX controls have been in compliance with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0/2.0 (say that a few times fast!). These guidelines set standards for applications providing accessible content by...
    October 06, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    A closer look at the new RadNotification control in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

    Have you ever searched for a quick and simple way to notify your users that something new is going on? Or just to show them some status message upon specific condition or time interval? This is now pretty easy to achieve with the new RadNotification control which joins RadControls for ASP NET AJAX suite in the Q2 2011 release! Until now, you could achieve the same effect by using some popup in multiple approaches but you will always need to add a timer, load on demand code, server script or something else, depending on the exact requirements and that is why...
    July 27, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    TechEd 2011: What to expect from RadControls from WinForms

    TechEd 2011 is at full swing and we are sure that you want to know more about the latest innovations that we, the WinForms team, are preparing for you. As the WinForms Roadmap suggests, we are currently working on the RadListView control, and we have created a new built-for-the-purpose reference application that features the new component - Telerik MovieLab. We will be showcasing the new application together with MSAA support, so come to booth #409 and see what's new: RadListView will support the features of the standard ListView control, plus many more. One of the key features that you will be able to notice immediately...
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    RadControls for WinForms will support Microsoft Active Accessibility in Q1 2011

    Telerik has always strived to make its products accessible and available to a wide range of people. It is part of Telerik's vision for providing leading developer products, just like browser support in our AJAX controls, right-to-left language support, localization, performance, and everything else that makes up excellent controls. In the upcoming Q1 2011 RadControls for WinForms will implement Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) support which will make the Telerik WinForms controls the first suite to be compliant with the latest user interface accessibility and UI automation standards (FYI, in Q1 we will also extend our localization support and support for right-to-left languages to all...
    February 15, 2011
  • Company News Desktop

    Q3’10 Pre-Release Series: Telerik extends the WinForms suite with new LOB features

    Q3 2010 is around the corner and it will be yet another promising release for RadControls for WinForms. In the previous milestone we introduced 5 new controls, added a faster and more robust data layer to RadGridView and improved its UI layer. Our last major release of the year will deliver an enterprise upgrade to the Telerik GridView and Scheduler controls which will enhance demanding LOB applications with better user experience and performance. Register for What's New in Q3 2010 Webinar - Telerik WinForms controls RadGridView RadGridView’s new Lazy data loading defers the loading of an object until the point at which it is needed,...
    October 22, 2010