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    JustMock R1 2018 is Live, Featuring Web-Based Builds and More

    JustMock R1 2018 is Live, Featuring Web-Based Builds and More_270x123
    JustMock brings Web-Builds for TFS2015, TFS2017 and TFS2018 as well as support for the latest versions of the code coverage and continuous integration tools.
    January 17, 2018
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    Sneak Peak of JustMock R1 2018: TFS Web-Based Builds

    Sneak Peak of JustMock R1 2018 TFS Web Based Builds_270x123
    Check out this sneak peek into what is coming in the next release of JustMock.
    January 03, 2018
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    R2 2017 of JustMock Comes with Visual Studio 2017 Support

    The newest release of JustMock features support for Visual Studio 2017, so now you can combine your favorite IDE with your favorite mocking tool and produce outstanding software.
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    See What's Cooking-JustMock for Devices Beta Available

    JustMock for Devices is a version of JustMock that allows you to use the familiar JustMock syntax to create, arrange and use mocks in tests that run on devices. It supports Windows Phone and Xamarin Android/iOS and works both in the emulator/simulator and on the devices. You can use it both with Visual Studio on Windows and with Xamarin Studio on Mac. The feature set of JustMock for Devices is similar to that of JustMock Lite – you can mock interfaces, virtual members on classes that can be sub-classed and delegates. All arrangement and assertion features are supported except a few exotic ones (e.g. Wait.For, SetInterceptionFilter) The package will be delivered through the JustMock and JustMock Trial installers. Now it is available in the latest internal build of JustMock in a Beta stage. Installation in all cases is done through the NuGet package manager, but you need to install JustMock first.
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    JustMock is Getting a Facelift

    With the Q1 2015 release JustMock continues to evolve. It comes with a few exciting new features: Mocking Containers Integration (MEF or Unity for dependency injection) Entity Framework (EF) integration Improved Integration with TFS 2013 and TFS 2012 Download the latest version to try out the new features or read more about them on the What’s New page. We also wanted to make the mocking API cleaner. To make that possible, a few important changes will follow.
    March 17, 2015