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    New Controls and More in UI for ASP.NET AJAX R3 2016

    The third official release of the UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite includes brand new CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList controls, the ability to customize the Gantt visible range, new Dashboard demo, and Spreadsheet improvements. Learn more and check out our new demos.
    October 10, 2016
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    What’s new with RadGanttView for Silverlight and WPF in Q2.2012

    by Miroslav Nedyalkov Moving forward to BETA After one Q in CTP stage the RadGanttView control is now BETA. This means that most of the core features are already implemented and the rest of the features we are going to add are considered marginal and will not affect its internal architecture neither its API a lot. We reconsidered the public API of the data objects (IGanttTask) and did some changes which we believe will enhance the experience of the control. What’s new? We developed some core features which add greater interaction to RadGanttView: Drag & drop – the user is now able to drag and resize...