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    Help select a new Fiddler logo!

    One of the benefits of Telerik’s support of Fiddler is the opportunity to work with talented design professionals. We’ll be improving Fiddler’s User Interface from end-to-end to expose more of the tool’s power in a clear and elegant manner. Our first step is giving Fiddler a distinctive and professional logo, and here’s where you come in...
    November 12, 2012
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    New in Fiddler 2.4.2

    As with most Fiddler updates, this version also includes dozens of bug fixes and performance improvements, and upgrading is thus recommended for all users. Thanks for using Fiddler! As always, please let us know in Fiddler if you find any problems.
    November 06, 2012
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    Understanding HTTP/304 Responses

    Users who are just getting started with Fiddler are often confused about the appearance of HTTP/304 responses in Fiddler’s Web Sessions list as webpages are loaded... A web server sends a HTTP/304 in response to a Conditional Validation request, indicating that the client’s copy of a resource is still valid and that the resource in question was Not Modified since the client cached its copy
    November 05, 2012