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    Lessons Learned About Documentation

    Here at Kendo UI, we have always encouraged you to give us feedback.  Whether it’s through our forums, or the Kendo UI User Voice site, what you think is important to us.  We take your thoughts very seriously.  We receive a lot of feature requests, enhancement...
    February 14, 2012
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    Getting Started with Kendo UI interactive presentation

    Looking for an easy way to get started with Kendo UI? Then you may enjoy a new interactive slide deck I prepared called…you guessed it, Getting Started with Kendo UI. This is not a normal slide deck, though. This interactive deck was built using Google's handy "html5slides" template, which...
    December 14, 2011
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    Training courseware for RadControls for Silverlight

    We now have a brand new, including over 1000 pages, free training courseware for RadControls for Silverlight. It provides tons of tips and tricks, how-to's, code samples (in XAML and both in C# and VB). All these structured in a step-by-step manner and covering most of the available RadControls for Silverlight. This training material will help you quickly get up to speed with Silverlight and will discuss some of the issues in common with all RadControls such as binding or theming, working with RIA Services (also WCF and ADO.NET), working with Expression Blend, etc.    The courseware is available to everyone...
    January 20, 2010