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    Q2 Telerik UI for iOS Offers DataForm and More

    The second major installment of Telerik UI for iOS for this year is already here, packed and stacked with new features and improvements. Two new great controls complement the suite: DataForm and Alert. Without beating about the bush, let’s dive into more details about each of these controls.
  • Mobile

    ListView and DataForm in UI for Xamarin Q2 Release

    It’s time for the second major UI for Xamarin release for this year, Q2 2015, and we are just excited as your are. With this release, ListView for Xamarin Forms gets rid of the Beta tag and becomes official, and now you can use it in production in apps developed with a single shared C# code base. Read on to learn what's in Q2 2015 for you.
  • .NET Mobile

    Powerful and Flexible Data Management with Telerik ASP.NET ClientDataSource Control

    One of the most recent additions to the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite is the ClientDataSource control bringing in client-side flexibility and ease of data management to the ASP.NET Web Forms world. Wondering how this can help you build even better data oriented apps faster?  Read more below.
    April 23, 2015
  • .NET Mobile

    Introducing RadDataForm for Windows Phone

    Almost each Windows Phone app implements scenarios in which user input is gathered. These scenarios include designing and implementing Pages with editor controls positioned in a layout panel (mostly stack layouts) with labels above them to describe their purpose and buttons at the end of the page to confirm the input. The validation logic, as well as the synchronization between editors and the properties of the edited object is mostly done manually by handling events, checking input values and setting target properties. Here are a couple of screenshots from our Tasks app demonstrating similar scenarios:   The ‘Edit Task’ and ‘Edit Project’...
    October 20, 2012