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    Software Craftsmanship Digital Image Pack Available

    Now you can get a selection of software craftsmanship images used in Telerik/NimblePros wall calendars between 2011 and 2013 in digital format. Suitable for use in your powerpoint presentations, blog posts, or for your desktop background, these image packs include new custom layouts to fit a variety of desktop screen dimensions.
    February 26, 2013
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    Software Craftsmanship 2013 Motivational Calendar

    The 2013 Software Craftsmanship Motivational Wall Calendars have been out for less than a month, but have already sold to dozens of countries. Check out which countries are in the lead, both in terms of total calendars ordered, and per capita.
    December 04, 2012
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    Creating a Calendar Report with Telerik Reporting

    An interesting question that we frequently are being asked is: How to create a calendar report? Generally, the requirement is to create a report showing appointments and bookings just as in a month planner calendar/scheduler. When you think about it, tracking tasks and events when displayed in a calendar is instant - the users have all the information they need into a well known layout that allows to easily analyze tasks and projects. It is no wonder that our clients request this type of report. The easiest way to prepare a dynamic calendar report is to utilize our flexible crosstab/table/list item. Due to the...