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The first major Telerik and Kendo UI releases of the year are almost here. In R1 2018, Telerik UI for Xamarin will see five new controls & design-time support. 

As you may have heard, we plan to kick off 2018 in style with a major release of our tools. We’re enabling developers everywhere, regardless of skill level, to say “no” to ugly apps. 

While I am excited about the features and functionalities we will be releasing in R1 2018 for all our products on January 17, the Telerik UI for Xamarin release has me on tenterhooks. I can’t wait for you guys to get your mitts on it. We’re releasing five controls and design-time support. Can you say awesome?

Here’s a brief overview of each: 

Design-Time Support – Toolbox Support

Telerik UI for Xamarin enhances the design time experience with support for Toolbox by allowing you to drag and drop components on the screen, thus making the screens development much easier. 

New Button and ImageButton Controls

With the R1 2018 release, developers get two new button controls. We are introducing a new button control that supports our theming mechanism, making it easier to setup and customize this essential piece of UI. Additionally, we will release the ImageButton control, which allows you to easily create a button with any shape that contains an image. 

New NumericInput Control

RadNumericInput Control

In R1 2018 we are releasing the NumericInput control. This new control allows developers to easily take numeric input from their users with a convenient UI, tailored for each of the target platforms – iOS, Android, UWP. The NumericInput control features easy layout adjustments of the elements (e.g. setting the position of the +/- button), min/max value restrictions and theming support (click image on the right to see it in action). 

The Grid Component is Now RTM

The previously released Grid component under CTP is ready for prime time in R1 2018. It is greatly improved and packed with new features such as built-in grouping and filtering UI, load on demand and localization support.  

New RadEntry Control

RadEntry is a text box control which accepts a string input from the users. In R1 2018 we will enable standard entry control features such as set and read text, keyboard entry, text color and alignment, as well as border customization options.

Remember, if you have a DevCraft bundle, that now comes with Telerik UI for Xamarin. If you don’t have a bundle or the product yourself, make sure you download a trial today. And don't forget to register for the Jan 30th Progress Telerik R1 2018 webinar where our technical experts will dive deeper into all of the new features and functionalities that are a part of R1 2018.

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