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The R1 2019 release is coming soon. Get a sneak preview of all the new updates coming to Kendo UI for jQuery, Angular, React and Vue.

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means: the R1 release is right around the corner! While it’s not here quite yet, I wanted to give everyone an early look at what is coming around the corner for Kendo UI!

We have support for a lot of different JavaScript frameworks, so I’ll break down some of what’s about to come out for each flavor of Kendo UI.


The jQuery library already has the biggest offering of components across any of the Kendo UI flavors, but we continue to deliver new components with R1 2019 including the MultiViewCalendar, DateRange, and Ripple components.

Beyond the usual enhancements we also improved the performance of the TreeView by quite a bit. Definitely worth upgrading just for that alone!


With our Angular component library we focused on delivering another big component that people have been looking for. So with R1 2019 we are proud to announce the release of the rich text editor for Angular.

Beyond this we have various improvements available for the Grid, and of course a whole slew of improvements to the newer Scheduler component.


On the React side of the house we have a ton of fun news. With the R1 2019 release we have 7 new components including the Window, Splitter, and TreeView components. Beyond this we also have enhancements to popular components (like frozen columns in the data Grid) so there is plenty to look forward to.


The biggest thing for our Vue.js components is the new native data grid that will drop with R1 2019. This is a component that is not based on our jQuery Grid and should have a natural fit in to any Vue.js app. There’s of course a slew of other features, but for details on those (and access to the native data grid) you’ll have to wait until the official release. 😉

Watch the Webinar

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post this is just a small subset of what’s to come with the release on January 16th. For a more detailed walk-through I recommend registering for our live webinar on Tuesday, January 22nd at 11 AM ET. Seats are limited so make sure you reserve your seat today!

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Carl Bergenhem
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Carl Bergenhem

Carl Bergenhem was the Product Manager for Kendo UI.

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