Up until Q3 2009, RadGridView for WinForms used a scrollbar in every child view when in hierarchy mode. This however can be a problem when there are many nested levels, i.e. it can lead to a situation where you do not have enough visual estate to scroll through the hierarchy:




In our latest release RadGridView is using only one scrollbar that scrolls the root level and all the child views, with no performance loss whatsoever, because we have optimized the scrolling mechanism to be better performing and smoother:




Since there are cases where using nested scrollbars is the better option, we still offer the old behavior by setting the UseScrollbarsInHierarchy property to true. Even in this scenario RadGridView behaves better, because of the new smooth scrolling mechanism. In the previous versions, RadGridView's scrolling was done on row-by-row basis. That is OK when using rows having equal height, but when there are child views, the scrollbar "jumps" and changes it size. Now, this issue is gone and you can smoothly scroll to see just a part of the child view:




I hope you will enjoy this change. So, please don’t wait, download our latest release and give it a go. We will appreciate your feedback.

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