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We've got plenty of new features for you in the latest Telerik Reporting SP. There are now settings to manage the Parameters area and Document Map Area Locations in the Web Report Viewers, plus much more.

Our Telerik Reporting R2 2019 Service Pack is already a fact and it is waiting to be installed. Improvements and fixes are here for you. For the fixed bugs list, please visit the release notes. In this blog, we will share information about the new features. Note that most of them were requested by you in our Feedback Portal - your feedback helps shape our roadmap because it is important to us to always deliver a product that satisfies your needs.

SQL Query Designer Support for MS Access

We are happy that we can provide you with better support for MS Access, so you do not have to write the SQL queries manually. Let’s have a quick look at using it.

  1. Create a sample database in Access:

    Create Sample Access Database

  2. Create a new report in the Standalone Report Designer and insert new SQL Data Source
  3. Click on Build new data connection and select OleDB Data Provider from the dropdown.
  4. The data source has to be a Microsoft Access Database File (OLE DB)
  5. Browse to the file’s location
  6. Click OK and then, twice, click Next
  7. In the Configure data source command dialog, click on Query Builder and select fields from a table:

    Configure Data Source

  8. Use the fields in a data item (List, Table, Crosstab or Graph)

    List of Employees

Settings to Manage the Parameters Area and Document Map Area Location for all Web Report Viewers

Another thing that we prepared for you is the ability to easily change the location of the Parameters area and the Document Map area so that it can match your UX preferences. By default, the Parameters area is located on the right. Now you can also place it to the left, top, or bottom. When it comes to the Document map area – now it can be placed on the right side of the report as well. For more information about the implementation, refer to parametersAreaPosition and documentMapAreaPosition options in this Report Viewer Initialization article.

Let’s add a report parameter to filter the IDs of your heroes, so we can filter them. Then include the report in the web application and move the Parameters area location to the left.

Report Parameters

PrinterSettings to the WPF and WinForms Report Viewers PrintEnd Event Args

One more request from our Feedback portal became true - the ability to get the selected printer settings out of the printer dialog box in WPF and WinForms Report Viewers. This can be done on PrintEndEvent.

Storage Implementation Targeting StackExchange.Redis 2.0+ Client

A lot of breaking changes were introduced by StackExchange.Redis in version 2.0.495. For that reason, we now ship a separate assembly targeting StackExchange.Redis client of versions above 2.0. Note that we will keep the assembly for the versions before v2.0.495.

Learn More and Try it Out

For a full list of big fixes and new features, feel free to check out the complete release history, and don't forget to share your feedback in the comments below or in our Feedback Portal.

If you're new to Telerik Reporting, you can try it today with a free 30 day trial. Happy coding!

Neli Todorova
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Neli Todorova

Neli Todorova is a Technical Support Engineer in the Telerik Reporting division. When it comes to the quality of her work, she never makes compromises. Her passions outside work are dancing and high speeds.

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