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“Hello, world!”

I decided to start my post with these magic words to present you the latest addition to the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX product line: Visual Studio Extensions – the product that makes the development of WebSite/WebApplication with Telerik RadControls faster and easier. A programmer’s very first application is at the distance of starting the IDE and typing the magic words. Creating a RadControls web application is now at a few clicks distance as well.

The Visual Studio Extensions aids the Visual Studio Web development from two perspectives – web configuration and page creation.

From the web configuration point of view the extensions help manage the RadControls-related configuration settings easily without the need to manually edit your web.config.

These include:

    Adding references to the RadControls assembly
  • Enabling/Disabling RadCompression module depending on your preference
  • Registering the HttpHandlers/HttpModules required by RadControls for both IIS “Classic” and IIS7 Integrated Pipeline
  • Setting a global site-wide default skin for RadControls
  • Modifying the web settings regarding RadUpload and large file uploading

While performing the above mentioned web configuration changes, RadControls VSExtensions keep your existing (non-Telerik-related) web.config settings intact. With that the product gives you a seamless conversion to a Telerik web.

From the page creation point of view, the extensions provide you with a number of templates presenting the most common RadControls use cases. These include:

  • Performance Optimized RadEditors
  • RadTreeViews configured for Drag-and-Drop
  • RadGrid configured to export its content as PDF/Excel/MSWord/CSV
  • Blocking thread execution with RadWindow’s radalert/radconfirm
  • Shared RadCalendar or RadTimeView between RadDatePickers or RadTimePickers respectively


Our goal when creating the templates is to demonstrate the best practices of using RadControls. We are committed to improving and expanding the template set and we are expecting your requests and comments to our support system!

So, what’s next - even more scenarios covered and improvements for your ease!

Download now the Visual Studio Extensions from your account (section RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX)

Stay tuned

About the Author

Erjan Gavalji

 is Software Developer in Telerik


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