Special thanks to all those that attended today’s webinar.  We hope you enjoyed the unveiling of new controls, features, and improvements.  For a comprehensive review, be sure to check the team blog posts on What’s New For Silverlight & WPF in Q2 and What’s New For Windows Phone in Q2.

Slide Deck ,  Source Code & Recorded Webinar

You can get the slide deck to the XAML Webinar here  and the accompanying source code here.  For those that missed the webinar, the recording is here.

Silverlight and WPF

Our Q2 XAML Webinar focused on three key elements:

There are many more enhancements to existing controls so make sure to check them out in the release notes:

HeatMap is a concise way to envision data by placing a range of data on a color spectrum.  Trends are easy to identify and it outliers are immediately identifiable.  The HeatMap control utilizes immediate mode bitmap-based rendering with our own proprietary hit testing and lay-out algorithms, which allows it to render an incredible amount of visual detail without slowing down and without sacrificing interactivity.

GanttView brings a host of new features, including Drag and Drop of tasks, summaries and milestones as well as resizing of tasks and summaries with the mouse.  GanttView also now provides filtering of the time ruler items and drawing special slots using the SpecialSlotsGenerator property. 

Diagram almost has too many features to list.  We covered a great many in detail in the Webinar, including support for MVVM, groups, custom connectors, printing, scroll bars, Bezier connections, adding Rulers, the Toolbox, and a good bit more.

Windows Phone 7

We then turned our attention to what’s new for Windows Phone 7.  The big features that we covered were:

  • DataBoundListBox improvements
  • ImageButtons
  • More than 20 new Metro templates

DataBoundListBox – the key improvements are:  1) Pull-to-Refresh, which allows you to use the mouse to pull down the data and have the data list refresh, and 2) Incredible support for re-ordering the databound listbox with one line of XAML.

ImageButtons inherit from Button and retain all the functionality of a button, but are represented by one or more images.  Management of View State (e.g., button Pressed) is as simple as assigning an image to the state, and letting Telerik take care of the rest.

More than 20 New Metro Templates – There are over twenty incredibly useful templates for handling everything from subscription reminders to debugging to adding galleries to your Windows Phone application.  All you have to do is add the template and then personalize the data to your own needs.

What did you like/not like?

Telerik XAMLflix for WPF controlsWe are continually trying to improve our webinars.  As many of you know this was the first time we tried them pre-recorded…with live Q&A—thanks, Michael Crump!

Please take moment to comment below.  Did you find the webinar useful?  What would you have liked to see more of?  Was it easy to follow?  Basically, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best), how did you enjoy this webinar?

Thanks again to all who attended!

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