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We’ve just uploaded the Q2 2013 Service Pack 1 of Telerik’s ASP.NET controls and you can log into your Telerik’s account and download it.

The complete release notes are available here, but for those too busy to look now, the highlights are listed below:

  • New features:
    • Provided is support for Visual Studio 2013.
      Note that there is a well known issue of VS13, which is already reported to Microsoft Connect here and here. The problem is that any call to WebResource.axd returns an empty response, which breaks RadControls. The VS13 development team has promised to fix it, but until that there are a few workarounds that can be used to avoid the bug:
      • Disable VS13 Browser Link feature by clicking on the Browser Link combo button on the Standard toolbar and unchecking "Enable Browser Link"
      • Or disable the debugging <compilation debug="false"> 
      • Or use RadStyleSheetManager.
    • Exposed is a reference to RadTreeView in the RadDropDownTree control, which makes the DropdownTree very flexible for customization
    • Implemented is a new SearchBox’s HighlightFirstMatch property, which automatically highlights the first match in the drop down when set
    • Introduced is a mechanism for reverting back to the old RadEditor’s Indent/Outdent, Align and Insert Ordered/Unordered lists commands.
    • Added is support for setting persistence of RadTileList using Telerik’s ASP.NET Persistence Framework
  • Highly requested improvements and fixes in the PDF export engine:
    • Text wrapping
    • Support for default PDF viewers of Windows 8 and iOS mobile devices
    • FIPS standard compliance
  • More than 20 fixes for RadGrid, including improvements to the Batch editing mechanism
  • 13 fixes for RadEditor, 1 new feature and 1 improvement
To download the SP1 installation use the following link: Telerik.Web.UI_2013_2_717_Trial.msi. The live ASP.NET demos are also updated, so check them out.

If you are also curious of what is coming in the next major official release, review the following page: RoadMap.

If you would like to report a new issue or just want to share your suggestions for new controls or improvements, do not hesitate to use the Ajax Ideas & Feedback portal.

About the Author

Rumen Jekov

Rumen Jekov (@Rumen_Jekov) started his career at Telerik’s ASP.NET team in 2004 as a tech support engineer and passed through the position of a team lead to a product manager. He has answered more than 51,500 tickets helping customers to achieve their goals. Presently, he is a product owner of Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX and a manager of the AJAX crew at Progress. Off work, he enjoys traveling across the globe, watching movies and tech shows, reading books and listening to podcasts.

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