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We suppose that you have already downloaded our Q3 version (released last week) and you're enjoying the new rendering engine. For those of you who missed what's new, I'll list it here once again:

  • Official release of the Project Upgrade Wizard - no more upgrade hassles. Our Upgrade Wizard would take care of that for you.

    New Report Rendering Engine, offering:
  • Excellent rendering performance
    The new rendering engine optimizes the usage of system resources (memory consumption and processor loads) during data processing and report generation to meet the high demands of our enterprise customers who need to process large data sets;  
  • Optimal paging layout (used in page-aware formats, such as PDF)
    Q3 2008 comes with new paging logic by introducing a superior and more sophisticated algorithm for calculation and inspection of pages before they are rendered. The new algorithm renders reports optimally, taking full advantage of available page space, especially when there are large blocks of text/data which span over one page;  
  • Foundation for Cross Tab data presentation (will be officially available in 2009)
    The new rendering engine provides the foundation for data presentation in cross tabs, which is one of most requested features, and a natural evolution for Telerik Reporting.

The full list including hotfixes is available here. If you have not yet managed to upgrade, please check it out - we highly recommend it. We would also love to hear your opinion on the Upgrade Wizard and the new Rendering engine that boosts the performance to new levels. We're not big fans of the saying "No feedback is probably good feedback", so no matter whether you enjoy it/hate it/have found a bug/have feature request - do not hesitate to drop us a line and let us know. For those of you who are curious what the title means - keep track of our RoadMap for news on the matter ;)
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