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Below is a summary of the new online resources available for our ASP.NET/WinForms controls and Telerik Reporting:


RadGrid Classic and RadGrid Prometheus

Code library entries:

RadChart Classic and RadChart Prometheus

Online examples:


Online examples:

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RadEditor Classic and RadEditor Prometheus

Online examples:

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RadWindow Prometheus

Help topics:

  • Setting RadWindow / RadWindowManager properties server-side
  • Setting the Behaviors of a RadWindow on the client  


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QSF examples:

  • RadChart -> Drill down
  • RadChart -> Numerical Axes

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Telerik Reporting

Knowledge base articles


Configuring The Image Rendering Extension to Generate TIFF Files

By default the Image Rendering Extension generates TIFF files with LZW compression and resolution 96 x 96 dpi. In case you need bi-tonal (black and white) images, for example when you need to send the rendered report by fax, you may consider using any of the CCITT Group 3/Group 4 or RLE compressions which will produce files with smaller size.

Configuring The CSV Rendering Extension

By default the CSV rendering extension generates plain text files, without any formatting. The first row contains headers for all columns.

Displaying headers on every page

What you will need to do is to add the headers to both ReportHeader and PageHeader sections and align them properly. Then set the PageHeader's PrintOnFirstPage property to false.

Converting reports from Crystal Reports v11

Telerik Reporting can convert reports from Crystal Reports v11.0.0.1282 onward. This was the latest version available for download at the time when Telerik created the report conversion tool.

Binding expressions with data fields in the PageHeader or PageFooter sections

The PageHeader/Footer sections do not behave like the other sections with regard to data binding.

You cannot use any binding expressions with data fields in the PageHeader or PageFooter section, and this restriction is by design.

Adding summary data at the very bottom of the last page

Add summary data at the very bottom of the last page

Saving a report into PDF format programmatically

To save a report in PDF you have to use FileStream and write the bytes of the rendered report in it

Calculate summaries based on User Functions

Summaries can be added on the User Functions in the same way as on data source fields.

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