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In the R1 2017 release of UI for WinForms, we ring in the year with new upgrades. VS 2017 RC support, Grid improvements, a new DataFilter and more await you.

Happy new year to all UI for WinForms users and blog readers! After the nice holiday time off, all of us are now back in the office recharged—and we are happy to recharge your UI for WinForms toolset. We've got plenty of additions and improvements to make you even more productive and let you handle even more user scenarios out of the box. Here is what’s new in UI for WinForms in R1 2017.

Visual Studio 2017 RC support

Microsoft has recently announced the RC version of the newest IDE—Visual Studio 2017—and your favorite UI toolkit is ready for it. In addition, you can download the UI for WinForms Visual Studio extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

UI for WinForms Visual Studio 2017 support

UI for WinForms with Private NuGet Server

As of R1 2017, the Telerik UI for WinForms NuGet packages are available for download from our private nuget server at: Simply use your Telerik account credentials to login and initiate a package installation.

New Control: RadDataFilter

The control provides a convenient UI for building complex filter expressions for the end users. It can be bound to a data source which the control will filter automatically, hence all other controls that use this data source will be filtered. Alternatively, it can be used as a UI for building an expression, based on predefined property descriptors, which can be applied to a data base, UI control or a collection with support for filtering expressions.

UI for WinForms - RadDataFilter Control

RadPdfViewer—Support for Forms and Form Fields

RadPdfViewer adds support for displaying PDF documents containing forms and form fields, including digital signatures. In addition, we have added support for page rotation, export of thumbnails and saving the displayed documents. This is very useful when a document is being fed into the control as a stream from database, for example, to provide the ability for the user to save it as a file.

UI for WinForms - RadPdfViewer - form fields

RadPdfProcessing—Merging and Splitting PDF Documents

The library features new functionality, which provides the option for exporting PDF files with unmatched performance and minimized memory footprint. This is achieved by writing the PDF content directly to a stream without creating PDF document model in the memory. In addition, using these new API, developers can handle the following scenarios when creating the pages of the new PDF file:

  • Merge PDF document pages
  • Split PDF document pages
  • Add and position page content from existing PDF files
  • Add and position page content from newly generated RadFixedPage instances
  • Merge and position content from existing PDF pages and generated RadFixedPage instances onto a single page in the newly written PDF file stream
    UI for WinForms RadPdfViewer - PdfStreamWriter and merging pdf files

RadPivotGrid—Drill-down Functionality in its LocalDataSourceProvider 

Another highly demanded feature is the ability to get the records participating in the calculation of a value in RadPivotGrid. For this purpose, a new method and event are introduced to the control which will provide this information.

UI for WinForms RadPivotGrid drill down

RadSpreadStreamProcessing Is Now Official

SpreadStreamProcessing is a library for creating large spreadsheet documents and exporting them to XLSX and CSV file formats with great performance, minimal memory footprint. In this release, the library is complemented with support for appending worksheets to existing workbooks, as well as functionality to freeze panes in the resulted workbook.
UI for WinForms RadSpreadStreamProcessing library

RadSpinEditor—Null Value Support

Due to high demand, we have exposed a nullable property which can be used to set a null value to the control or bind it to a nullable object.

RadScheduler Support for Arabic Calendars

The control has been extended to work with PersianCalendar, HijriCalendar and UmAlQuraCalendar.
UI for WinForms RadScheduler arabic calendars support

RadGridView improvements

  • The search row UX has been greatly improved. It now has the ability to hide and show the row, as well as UI for fine tuning the searching functionality like defining which columns to search, to match the case and/or search from the current position onwards or the whole grid.
  • We have added functionality to bypass the built-in sorting and filtering in RadGridView, while keeping the built expressions, allowing you to take the expression and apply it to a data base or filter your data source on your own.
  • The self-reference hierarchy of RadGridView (also known as TreeList) now features a check box in the header cells, which are used to check/uncheck all checkboxes in a column.
  • One more highly demanded feature is to allow fine-grained customization of the copy and paste operations. For the purpose, we have added CopyingCellClipboardContent and PastingCellClipboardContent events. The former allows you to control what data it placed in the Clipboard on per cell level, while the latter permits validation or modification of the data that is going to be pasted to a cell in RadGridView.

RadTextBox and RadTextBoxControl Feature Clear Button

The controls now feature a clear button which can be shown when needed and clears the control’s text when clicked.
UI for WinForms Clear button in textboxes demos

In Closing

These are the highlights of our latest release. Feel free to give it a try by downloading it from your account or getting a trial. We would also be happy to hear your feedback on it in the comments section below or in our feedback portal.

Try UI for WinForms

In case you missed it, here are some of the updates from our last release.

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