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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX is a powerful UI framework with more than 90 components to help you develop beautiful web projects quickly and easily. Today we unveil our latest addition, the redesigned Create Project Wizard.

One of the latest benefits for you in UI for ASP.NET AJAX is the modernized Create New Project Wizard for Visual Studio. The redesigned wizard is part of the Visual Studio Extensions for Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, and aims to help you create and configure new web projects with the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX components even faster, easier and more reliably.

The wizard's UI and UX are simplified, easy to use and now feature only the really needed settings to start a new project, i.e. switchers for the preferred language (C# or VB.NET) and the project types (App or Site), the version number as well as the available project templates (Blank, Responsive and Outlook-inspired):

Create New Project Main
Figure 1: Create New Project Wizard

The Finish button will create a new project based on your choices. If you need to go to the more advanced options such as used Assemblies, Skins and Web Settings, you can locate them in the Project Configuration Wizard through the Telerik -> UI for ASP.NET AJAX -> Configure Project menu:

The first wizard step allows you to select which assemblies are to be referenced by your project:

Configure Project
Figure 2: Project Configuration Wizard - Select Assemblies

The second step allows you to choose the desired theme:

Select Theme
Figure 3: Project Configuration Wizard - Select Theme (Skin)

The third wizard step applies to web setting such as CDN, project Ajaxification, jQuery usage and MaxRequestLength:

Web Settings
Figure 4: Project Configuration Wizard - Web Settings

And that's not all, you can also insert predefined custom scenarios for some of the most popular components in the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX suite through the wizard:

Add Telerik Scenarios
Figure 5: Telerik menu - Add Telerik Scenario...

This is shown in more detail below:

Add Scenario for RadGrid
Figure 6: Scenario Wizard - Add a scenario for RadGrid

We hope that you'll find the changes useful, and enjoy working with the refreshed VS Create New Project and Configure Project wizards that we've developed for UI for ASP.NET AJAX. The next suite that will get a revamped New Create Project and Project Configuration Wizards will be UI for ASP.NET MVC.

We'd like to hear your feedback and ideas for improvements in the comments section below. You can also post your ideas for new components, features and bug reports in our Feedback portal.

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Rumen Jekov (@Rumen_Jekov) started his career at Telerik’s ASP.NET team in 2004 as a tech support engineer and passed through the position of a team lead to a product manager. He has answered more than 51,500 tickets helping customers to achieve their goals. Presently, he is a product owner of Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX and a manager of the AJAX crew at Progress. Off work, he enjoys traveling across the globe, watching movies and tech shows, reading books and listening to podcasts.


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