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The Fiddler products are becoming part of Progress Telerik Systems—soon, you will be able to take advantage of the enhanced account and purchasing experience that comes with this change!

In this blog article, we will cover details around the migration of Fiddler to Keep reading to learn more about why we are introducing this shift, what the new experience will be for you, and how you can benefit.

Why Are We Migrating?

Fiddler has always been under the Progress Telerik brand, yet before now we used to have a separate system for Fiddler accounts and subscription management. The system disconnect likely resulted in an interrupted journey as you had to visit multiple sites based on the products you wanted to try out or purchase. By welcoming the Fiddler products into the Telerik workspace, we aim to provide a unified user experience with easy access to additional products and services.

What’s in It for You?

If You Have an Existing Telerik Account

Telerik offers software tooling for designing, building, and testing web, desktop and mobile applications. In addition to feature-rich UI components and comprehensive reporting and testing tools that you can find in the Telerik portfolio, you can now easily explore debugging and troubleshooting solutions. With the entire portfolio being on the same platform, you can easily try Fiddler products and acquire the needed subscription service and support based on your preferred plan and billing period.

If You Are New to Telerik

From now on, you will have a single account and subscription management system—creating a Telerik account gives you immediate access to explore all Telerik products. You will no longer have to operate in separate systems and remember multiple credentials or login details. The Telerik system offers an intuitive UI and better organization for products and orders, plus access to an enhanced support system complete with virtual classroom training.

The new system offers you a well-rounded portfolio that aims to cover all possible use cases and the needs that you might have in terms of application development.

What To Expect?

Create a Telerik Account

When you access the Fiddler products, you will see a new login screen within the Fiddler Everywhere app and the Fiddler Jam Portal, which contains information about the new Login or Sign-Up process. It will lead you to the unified Telerik web form, where you must enter your email and create a Telerik account.

Be sure to enter the email you have used so far to sign into Fiddler or sign in with Google if that was your approach for authentication. Alternatively, if you are new to Fiddler products, or have an existing Telerik account, choose this email to sign in.

Migrate Your Subscription

If you have an active Fiddler subscription, you will have one more step to complete to set up your account. You will find clear steps and guidance for the subscription migration process within the product. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support.

Telerik System Tour

The Telerik system offers an easy and intuitive UI. If you’d like to purchase a Fiddler subscription, you need to put it in the cart by choosing your preferred plan and billing period from the Pricing page. From the Overview page, when you are logged into your account, you will find links to all valuable pages:

Licenses – on this page, you will see all purchases you have made or have been added to, including assigned Fiddler subscriptions. The Fiddler subscriptions you have migrated from the legacy system will also be visible here.

Licensed Users – from this page, you can manage your seats and assign and unassigned users using a purchased product. In addition, you can also transfer a manager role to someone, which was previously not possible in the old Fiddler management system. The manager’s role is to assign, remove and cancel seats, yet they cannot make any purchase modifications to the subscription.

After the subscription migration, you will automatically see the list with user emails you had initially assigned seats for Fiddler products.

Your Orders – here you can see all invoices for licenses and subscriptions you purchased. Suppose you are a customer migrating from the old Fiddler Dashboard system to the new Telerik system. You can access previous invoices under your account details in Fiddler Everywhere and Fiddler Jam.

Another helpful page to explore would be the Support Center. If you have an active trial or purchased a product, you can directly ask our support team for technical assistance through this page. You will also see the history of all support tickets and their statuses.

On another note, you have many other options, such as editing your profile and personal details and managing your payment and billing information efficiently by quickly accessing our support forums for various topics. For any additional questions, refer to our FAQs pages for Fiddler Everywhere and Fiddler Jam.

Welcome to Telerik!

The revamped Telerik Fiddler journey you are embarking on opens unique possibilities and delivers a consistent user experience for you! The official release is scheduled for the upcoming week, and you will receive the needed guidance and instructions for the account and subscription migration required from your side. Stay tuned for more, and happy debugging!

Simona Yaneva
About the Author

Simona Yaneva

Simona Yaneva is a part of the Product Management team for the Telerik Fiddler Family of products—Fiddler Everywhere, Fiddler Classic, Fiddler Jam, FiddlerCap and FiddlerCore. She is interested in the variety of areas of work that Product Management covers and the processes that make a product or technology successful and most valuable to users. In her free time, Simona enjoys good food, music and dancing.

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