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We are happy to share with you the new version of Fiddler Jam and all the benefits that you can now incorporate into your customer support process!

With the Fiddler Jam 1.7 release, we have added new functionalities to our Fiddler Jam Extension, and we are also introducing a Fiddler Jam Embedded library—which is a new approach for capturing and reporting issues. In this blog, you will find more information about all that is new, including the Jam Embedded library, and how to initialize it.

What Is Fiddler Jam Embedded?

The Fiddler Jam Embedded approach is a library that you can easily integrate into your application through a simple code snippet. This new method allows you to:

  • Quickly add the capture and sharing capabilities of Fiddler Jam into your app
  • Ease the report issue process for your end users and let them provide bug context directly from your app without the need to install any additional software
  • Integrate Fiddler Jam Embedded with its custom UI or with our default layout which you can see below:

Fiddler Jam Embedded UI

Following the steps from our documentation article, you can set the capturing options choosing from the available video, screenshots and user actions, network traffic and console logs, as well as local and session storage details. In addition, you can require password protection for the log submission and design the UI according to your application style and preferences.

How Does Fiddler Jam Embedded Work?

Once you implement the button and functionalities in your webpage, your end users can start capturing and reproducing any issues that they experience in your app, and submit the recording, which will go directly into your workspace. This approach allows a straightforward way for your end users to provide issue context without the need to install the Fiddler Jam browser extension on their side.

How To Access Fiddler Jam Embedded?

Details about the Fiddler Jam Embedded implementation can be found in our Fiddler Jam Portal. At the welcome screen, you will see the “My Resources” dialog that gives you quick access to our documentation with steps for integration.

In addition, you can open the Settings menu and choose the Embedded tab. This is where you can locate your uniquely generated API key, which you need to copy and paste into the code of your project to successfully initialize the new functionality in your app.

Fiddler Jam Embedded Integration - start using Fiddler Jam Embedded, copy code snippet, paste in your app

New DOM Video Format

For both the Fiddler Jam browser extension and the Jam Embedded approach, we have introduced a new video format for screen recording. The new format is referred to as the DOM video and it works on all major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc. and it does not require additional permissions for recording on the end user’s machine.

As mentioned, the DOM video is available for both Fiddler Jam Embedded, where it is set as the default format, and the browser extension, where it should be explicitly switched on from the Advanced Options settings.

Find more information here about the differences between DOM and the previously used Pixel-Perfect video format for Fiddler Jam Embedded.

New Sliding Recording Feature

The new video format brings another benefit and newly released feature which allows your end users to submit only a portion of the recorded log. In the extension, after switching on the DOM video and recording a session, your end users will see the option to submit a specific duration. Based on how long the recording is, the selected duration can be specific seconds, minutes or hours.

Fiddler Jam Sliding Recording

This is useful in cases where you need to execute multiple steps to reproduce an issue, yet it doesn’t reproduce from the first time successfully. In such situations, there is no need to start and stop the recording every time the issue does not appear. Instead, you can use the new functionality and submit the last portion of the recording where the issue is reproduced successfully.

The same option can be set for the Fiddler Jam Embedded approach using the sessionDurationInSeconds key.

Plans Update

With this release, we have introduced an updated plan and pricing model. The Fiddler Jam plans are now more flexible with no limitations on users added or open recorded logs. The plans and pricing differences are based only on the number of features you get access to. As usual, the Fiddler Jam Trial offers the full capabilities of the product, and you can try out all available features for free before choosing your preferred plan. Make sure you check the Fiddler Jam plans here.

Try It Out!

Fiddler Jam has come a long way since its official release in 2021! We have focused our effort on enhancing current functionalities and making sure all possible use cases are covered for you within the customer support process. Fiddler Jam now offers a powerful browser extension with full issue context visibility and sensitive data masking, easy issue tracking system integration for further analysis of the logs, and a whole new approach for collecting information from your end users through Fiddler Jam Embedded!

You can try all that is new and improved for free by starting a 14-day trial here. Be sure to also sign up for our Telerik R3 2022 release webinar on Friday, September 23, at 11:00 a.m. ET, where we will highlight all major updates across our reporting and productivity tools.

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