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Get some tips and tricks for designing highly engaging reports with Telerik Reporting, featuring everyone's favorite hot commodity: cryptocurrency.

Some time ago, we published new online report demos based on cryptocurrency data to demonstrate some tips and tricks for creating engaging reports. These reports showed off some unconventional graphs, impressive choropleths and the must-have interactivity functions for modern reports, like Navigate to Report, Navigate to URL and Interactive Sorting.

The cryptocurrency reports make use of multiple parameters to emphasize the data that is of interest to the viewer. They are not only easy to setup but also provide advanced functionality, like cascading parameters.

The cryptocurrency reports show the versatile graph item with a Pie-in-a-Donut chart and the ability to overlap items, which can sometimes save space and result in an impressive report layout. This is supported in almost all 15 rendering extensions—the only exception is Excel due to its layout peculiarities/restrictions. 

In the cryptocurrency info report, we demonstrate a two-axis line chart and a choropleth with bubbles. The choropleth utilizes our CSV data source component for data retrieval of bubble coordinates with information.

The most crucial dependency for any report is the data. Therefore, having a varied range of data options to connect to is a huge advantage that may save a lot of time in the report design process. Telerik Reporting provides tools to connect to SQL databases, custom business objects, CSVs, Entity Framework and now even web services. For the cryptocurrency reports, I have created a small data layer that extracts the data from an online source and prepares it for report consumption.

The online demos use our HTML5 Report Viewer that is one of our themed, customizable and interactive viewers. Additionally, there is a WPF, Windows Forms and HTML5 Report Viewer wrappers for MVC, Web Forms and Angular.

If you can't wait to review those new report definitions, they are now available for download from the link below and will be part of the Telerik Reporting installation demos as of R2 2018 SP1.

Download Cryptocurrency Reports

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Petar Raykov is a Software Developer in the Telerik Reporting division. He has been working on Telerik products since 2010. Off work he enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and reading.

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