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Hey all,

Every week I run a stream on Twitch called React Wednesdays. For each stream I invite someone interesting from the React world and have them teach me something new.

You can watch previous episodes to get an idea, but the real fun of React Wednesdays is being there live, as you get to hang out with the best and brightest in the React world—and ask questions too 🙂

With that in mind, check out our upcoming episodes below.

NOTE: You can subscribe to the React Wednesdays Google calendar for notifications of upcoming episodes.

Let’s Learn Blitz.js with Brandon Bayer

  • 📆 Wednesday, March 3rd
  • ⏰ 1:00 PM US Eastern time
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On this episode we welcome Brandon Bayer, creator of Blitz.js. Blitz.js is a fullstack framework that’s built on top of Next.js, and inspired by fullstack frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

I’m pretty excited about this one as fullstack frameworks have been growing like crazy in the React world lately, and I’m curious to get Brandon’s take on why that’s happening.

Brandon will give us a demo of Blitz.js, and you’ll have the chance do answer any questions you have about the framework. I plan on asking Brandon why you should use Blitz.js over just using Next, and where Blitz.js got its name from. Join us!

Building Apps for Microsoft Teams With React

  • 📆 Wednesday, March 10th
  • ⏰ 1:00 PM US Eastern time
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Did you know you can build custom extensions to Microsoft Teams with React? Me either.

But good news, on this episode of React Wednesdays, Emily Rose from Microsoft is joining us to show us how it all works.

Emily will explain what Teams apps are, and then build a Teams app for us live on stream. Join us if you’re curious what building extensions to Teams looks like, and bring questions 🙂

Remotion—A React Framework for Making Videos With Jonny Burger

  • 📆 Exact date pending (but you can add our calendar for notifications 😉 )
  • ⏰ 1:00 PM US Eastern time

Probably the coolest React demo I’ve seen in the last year is of Remotion, a library that lets you create videos with React. Yes, videos!

And on this episode of React Wednesday we’ll welcome Remotion’s creator, Jonny Burger to tell us how it all works and to give us a demo.

Join us if you’ve ever wanted to create a video with React, or if you’re just curious how it all works.

TJ VanToll
About the Author

TJ VanToll

TJ VanToll is a frontend developer, author, and a former principal developer advocate for Progress.

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