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Looking to learn new tips and tricks for using our Telerik and Kendo UI tools? Catch the latest episode of Visual Studio Toolbox right here and learn about what we covered.

Recently, Progress developer advocates Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau made their way to Microsoft’s Channel 9 Studios to chat with Robert Green about Telerik and Kendo UI on an episode of Visual Studio Toolbox.

With a focus on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio, Visual Studio Toolbox show promises to help you become a more productive developer.

The 43 minute episode is a whirlwind tour of the Telerik toolkit for .NET applications and the Kendo UI toolkit for modern Web apps. If you are new to our tools and looking for an overview – or if you have been using our tools but just want to know more – this is a great way to see what’s in the suite.

Among other things, Ed shared an ASP.NET Core and SignalR grid demo that shows how you can provide data to the component with Server (HTTP GET requests) or AJAX binding to easily configure the grid to display data and perform sorting, paging and grouping operations via its built-in settings.

He also walked Robert through how to use a TagHelper to simply make a chatbot a floating window in your UI. He used Kendo UI’s Conversational UI and Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers (a topic Ed knows a lot about) to allow the chatbox to be moved around in a drag and drop style.

And Sam did a great demo of Telerik UI for Xamarin on Visual Studio for Mac. He showed how to create beautiful, polished mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms that included both ListView and BarCode, and more.

You can watch the whole show here:

While they were at the Channel 9 Studios, they recorded other episodes as well that will air in the coming weeks. In those episodes, they take a deeper dive into chatbots and Conversational UI. Both shows promise to be both informative and entertaining. Keep your eye on our blogs for information about the shows, or subscribe to the Visual Studio Toolbox channel for updates on the latest episodes.

And, if you liked what you saw and heard in this episode of Visual Studio Toolbox, make sure you learn more about our tools and download a free trial today.

Sara Faatz
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Sara Faatz

Sara Faatz leads the Telerik and Kendo UI developer relations team at Progress. She has spent the majority of her career in the developer space building community, producing events, creating marketing programs, and more. When she's not working, she likes diving with sharks, running, and watching hockey.

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