Beside of all the other new neat features the RadListView for ASP.NET AJAX will have with the Q1 2010 release, it will also incorporate built-in filtering capabilities. The control will expose a fluent-like server-side API which can be used to specify filter expression in the following manner:


        .GreaterThanOrEqualTo("OrderDate", DateTime.Parse("7/5/1996"))
        .Group(group => group.EqualTo("ShipCountry", "Germany")
                        .Or().EqualTo("ShipCountry", "France")


What about the UI, you may ask? As the RadListView falls under “lookless control” category, there is no predefined filtering UI built into the control, thus your imagination and creativity will not be hampered when striving to achieve your dream layout.  But (there is always “but” you know), if you want some slick UI, RadListView integrates very nicely with our new RadFilter control, which lets you apply filter constraints with point-type-and-click.




Oh, and I almost forgot ;) with the Q1 2010 release the .Net 3.5/4.0 version of RadListView will take advantage of our Linq data engine, used in WPF/Silverlight RadGridView and the Grid from Telerik MVC Extensions,  for even more powerful performance.

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