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    Moving to Australia

    G’day mates, I would like to share something with you – me and my family recently moved to Sydney, Australia to enjoy the nice weather and the golden beaches down under and for me to become Mr. Telerik Australia. :-) The press release says: “We see that the Australian and New Zealand are expressing great interest in our latest software developer productivity solutions, data conversion tools, automated Web Testing tools, and CMS offerings and our goal is to answer these markets’ needs by broadening our presence, our community and our technical team in this dynamic region.” Firstly, this means our commitment to this market, and...
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    Encode and Decode URI(Uniform Resource Identifier) using JavaScript

    The current article is taken from In some scenarios it is useful to encode and decode the URI. For example: To avoid unexpected requests to the server, you should call encodeURIComponent on any user-entered parameters that will be passed as part of a URI. For example, a user could type "Thyme &time=again" for a variable comment. Not using encodeURIComponent on this variable will give comment=Thyme%20&time=again. Note that the ampersand and the equal sign mark a new key and value pair. So instead of having a POST comment key equal to "Thyme &time=again", you have two POST keys, one equal to "Thyme " and another...
    January 08, 2009