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    Join the Official Kendo UI Launch event!

    There is nothing more exciting than working on developing a new product for months and months, publishing a hugely popular beta, and then finally reaching the big "v1" official release. Kendo UI's road from idea to release has been more than a year in the making, but...
    November 22, 2011
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    FOUJUI: Flash of Uninitialized JavaScript UI

    One of the challenges that comes with pure JavaScript UI is a nasty little user experience problem that I'm calling "Flash of Uninitialized JavaScript UI," or FOUJUI (rolls right off the tongue). FOUJI, similar to FOUC, occurs when: Your rich UI is initialized by JavaScript You rely...
    October 06, 2011
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    Using CORS with All (Modern) Browsers

    CORS is cool. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a (slowly) emerging technology for the web that finally gives async web operations a way to directly grab resources from different domains. In fact, I've already talked about it a couple of times on the Kendo UI blogs here and here. By...
    October 03, 2011
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    RSS Feed Reader Built with Kendo UI, YQL, & LESS

    One of the early (great) pieces of feedback we received during the Kendo UI beta is that you want to see more examples of Kendo UI in action. Sure, there is a huge (and growing) Kendo UI demo center, loaded with focused demos for Kendo UI...
    September 29, 2011
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    When Should You Use Metro, Version 2

    A blog by Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist at Telerik. (Original post here) During my busy week at the Microsoft BUILD conference, I cranked-out a quick and rough decision tree designed to help you decide which Microsoft platform you should use for app development:Silverlight/WPF, HTML5, or the new Metro/WinRT. The chart proved to be very popular, so I thought I'd revisit the decision tree and with the benefit of more time to reflect, produce a new, more complete version. Thus, I present version 2 of the "How to Pick Your Platform" chart. What's Different? In the original chart, the first question I made you answer was, "Do you need to support...
    September 21, 2011