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    When Should You Use Metro, Version 2

    A blog by Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist at Telerik. (Original post here) During my busy week at the Microsoft BUILD conference, I cranked-out a quick and rough decision tree designed to help you decide which Microsoft platform you should use for app development:Silverlight/WPF, HTML5, or the new Metro/WinRT. The chart proved to be very popular, so I thought I'd revisit the decision tree and with the benefit of more time to reflect, produce a new, more complete version. Thus, I present version 2 of the "How to Pick Your Platform" chart. What's Different? In the original chart, the first question I made you answer was, "Do you need to support...
    September 21, 2011
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    Kendo UI Quick Answers, #1

    As Kendo UI continues to grow in popularity, the Kendo UI community is also quickly growing. And with that growing community come some very good technical questions about Kendo UI. To help give more visibility to some of these questions happening in the active Kendo UI...
    September 20, 2011
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    How to Pick Your Platform: Silverlight, Metro, or HTML5

      While Windows 8 is ushering in an exciting new model for Windows development called "Metro style apps" that run a new "unified" Windows Runtime (WinRT), it's not necessarily the right choice for all new Windows software development. In fact, there are a lot scenarios where it's not a good choice. In this over-simplified decision tree, I try to provide some crude logic for how to pick between your platform options. Clearly, there are many nuances not covered in this tree, but I'll work on expanding the "logic" to make it more bullet proof in the coming weeks. The first decision is the most important, though: Do you need to continue...
    September 15, 2011
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    Still Missing In Action at BUILD (Day 2)

    Yesterday I summarized a few important topics that were auspiciously missing at Microsoft's BUILD conference after the first day of sessions and keynotes. Now as Day 2 nears its end, I thought I'd revisit some of yesterday's observations and see if those topics are still missing. With both keynotes now done, it's pretty safe to assume missing topics now aren't going to get much attention at BUILD 2011. Not Missing Anymore A few things that were missing yesterday did make appearances today: WPF Half of the existing XAML story started to pop-up today. While it didn't make the keynotes, Soma and ScottGu talked about ...
    September 15, 2011
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    BUILD Day 2 Keynote: What You Need to Know

    With the California sun now rising in the sky, it's time for another fresh day of BUILD and the all important Day 2 keynote. Like yesterday, rather than compete with the live video stream, I've real-time condensed today's keynote in to the key moments you need to get the overall jist of what Microsoft shared. This isn't a blow-by-blow blog of the keynote, but if you spend 5 minutes reviewing this post, you'll know what you need to know from the second BUILD keynote. Key Keynote Moments Windows 8 Tablet Distraction Not explicitly said or part of the keynote, it's worth...
    September 14, 2011