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    A New Era in Application Development, Part I

    Roughly speaking, we have had four “eras” in the computing industry, each era defined by the dominate platform at the time. The eras were: Mainframe Minicomputer Client-Server Web I believe that we are now entering a 5th era: the Device + Cloud era. Simply said, the Device + Cloud (D+C) era is defined by users having multiple devices and running thin applications that share data via the cloud on each of them. As your use of the devices goes up, you rely...
    August 16, 2011
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    Starbucks in Japan is using Kanban for Quality

    When people think about Kanban, they usually get the impression that Kanban is either an inventory control mechanism or a system to manage an assembly line of workers. This is due to Kanban’s historical roots as part of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. When I talk about Kanban, especially in reference to using Kanban with software development, I stress the importance of flow; how you pull items through the production system while limiting the work in progress. My favorite thing about Kanban is the Kanban card itself. Kanban gets its name from the card; Kanban translated from the Japanese means “signal card”. According to Lean definitions a Kanban card...
    August 08, 2011
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    Silverlight is Dead, Long Live XAML

      by Stephen Forte (This article is a re-post from the Stephen Forte's Blog)   A few weeks ago I was in the Telerik cafeteria at our world headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a colleague walked up to me and asked: "Is Silverlight dead?" I replied: "No, but it has seen better days." Since Silverlight's absence from last year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Redmond, WA, the infamous "our strategy has shifted" comment made by Microsoft Server and Tools Division President Bob Muglia, Scott Guthrie's move out of DevDiv, and the recent reorg of the XAML team, the community has been in an uproar assuming that Silverlight...
    July 08, 2011
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    Speaking at TechEd North America

    Next week I will be headed to Atlanta, Georgia, for my 10th TechEd North America, and my 21st TechEd of my career worldwide. I will be doing three breakout sessions this week, all on the agile methodologies. There are over 200 sessions at TechEd, however, my Agile Estimation session, so popular last year at TechEd Berlin, will be live streamed, so if you can’t join me in Atlanta, join me on the live stream, it will be fun. Here are all of my sessions. DPR202 | Agile Estimation (Live Streamed) Breakout Session | 200 - Intermediate | Development Practices & Architecture Speaker(s): Stephen Forte Tuesday, May 17 | 10:15 AM -...
    May 13, 2011
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    Agile Seminar at the Great Indian Developer Summit

    Joel and I did our “Agile Buffet Table” session at GIDS in Bangalore, India. We talked about XP, Scrum, and Kanban and how you can build your own methodology by mixing and matching the features from each of these agile brands. We had *great* audience interaction, the best I have ever had in India. We wrapped up the session by opening Excel and designing a unique process with the audience. Our exit was also very funny, there was no break between sessions(!), so the next speakers came in and were ready to start when we ended. So I impersonated the next speaker, very agile. The slides are available here (via slideshare.) In...
    April 22, 2011