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    Faster Text Analysis with the AYLIEN Cordova Verified Plugin

    As a developer, you probably get chills when you think about text analysis. RegEx was hard to learn, a pain to maintain, and prone to bugs. (catastrophic backtracking anyone? ) Today there are even more applications for text analysis. As social media has gone uber mainstream and business models have changed, developers are asked more and more to process text from the web. Some examples are monitoring social media, detecting fraud, customer service, recruitment, content marketing, campaign management, and tons of other scenarios that the marketing department can dream up. A new partner of Telerik, AYLIEN, has a text analysis engine that you can use in your apps. By using the verified plug-in built by AYLIEN available in the marketplace, you can build text analysis right into your own apps. 
    September 10, 2014
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    Week 2 at AcceleratorHK

    Last week was our second week at AcceleratorHK and things are starting to fall into a good cadence. On Monday, we had our first of the weekly 1:1 meetings and Paul and I worked directly with the teams on the issues that they face. We also had two amazing mentors come in: First was Salim Virani, the creator of Leancamp. He talked to us about Customer Development and took a lot of time out of his vacation time in HK to spend with the teams on how to ask the right Customer Discovery and Customer Validation questions.   Later in the week we had Mikaal Abdulla, co-founder of 8 Securities, a Hong...
    November 21, 2012
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    The Agile Tour is coming to Hong Kong!

    I am happy to be part of the organizing committee for the Agile Tour in Hong Kong on December 1st. I also convinced Telerik to send me 30kg of Tee-shirts for attendees of the event. Details are below, register today, space is limited (only about 30 seats left)! EventBrite Link to register: AGILE TOUR 2012 COMING TO HONG KONG DECEMBER 1, 2012 Welcome all, Agile Tour is finally coming to Hong Kong! We organize a full day with international and local expert speakers on a variety of Agile topics: Title : How to suck less with distributed teams Speaker : Emerson Mills Abstract: We all know that distributed teams suck. (...
    November 15, 2012
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    Startup Weekend in Hong Kong

    This past weekend was the 3rd Startup Weekend in Hong Kong and I was lucky enough to return again as a judge. This year it was huge with 14 teams competing!   As usual, I was very impressed by the ideas, hard work, and execution. They stared on Friday night with lots of pitches and team formation. The group worked all day Saturday and Sunday at the CoCoon co-working space in Hong Kong (the same co-work space AcceleratorHK is using). A few AcceleratorHK cohort members as well as program director Paul Orlando were helping out as mentors. On Sunday night we all gathered to a different venue where we heard all of...
    November 14, 2012
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    AcceleratorHK Week 1

    Last week was the first week of the AcceleratorHK program. We have six teams that make up this cohort coming from: Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Mexico, and Malaysia. The teams are just starting out but are in the following domains: social, location based, and community. We started out with an introduction to Customer Development by program director Paul Orlando and then broke up the teams and gave them a Startup Weekend style assignment : go out and work on project for 48 hours with new teammates with a focus on Customer Development. The results were…interesting. We had two mentors come in and work with the teams. John Bristowe came in from Australia and...
    November 13, 2012