• Telerik AppBuilder - Some Simple, Effective Methods for Securing Your Source Code

    You've spent countless hours developing your app. You've nurtured it from its inception as an idea, held it through its grueling testing and debugging, and finally, watched it progress into a full-featured mobile app ready to be distributed to the world. The only lingering question is this: How do you protect all of your invested time, money, and hard work from being copied, altered or otherwise used for free?
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    Telerik AppBuilder May Release: Update a Published App in Seconds

    At TelerikNEXT we unveiled a host of new features for the entire Telerik Platform. Today we will dive into some of the AppBuilder updates. Among these include a new feature we call AppManager LiveSync, which allows you to update a published app in seconds without going through the app store review process.
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    Announcing Screen Builder

    More than ever before, the heat is on to develop and deliver mobile apps. Not just any mobile apps though - apps that consume data, apps that are gorgeous, and apps that are a pleasure to use. Yesterday, creating a cross-platform mobile app meant learning new languages, new frameworks, and new tools. Not to mention the time it takes to scaffold up new apps or attempt to re-use the same set of business templates. Today, however, everything changes as we announce a new offering from the Telerik Platform, the functional app designer we call Screen Builder.
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    Telerik AppManager April Release: Customization Options Galore

    Today we are pleased to announce a new release of Telerik AppManager. Focused on a variety of customization options, now AppManager enables you to make your private app store feel more like YOUR private app store. We also have a nice announcement for Windows Phone developers that should make your app distribution experience even easier.
    April 14, 2015
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    Telerik AppBuilder February Release: Performance Boosts and Core Value Improvements

    It's that time of year here in the northern hemisphere that I find myself repeatedly searching Google for "Costa Rica relocation." However, from a glass-half-full perspective, it is a fantastic time of year to sit with a warm laptop and discover what's new with your favorite piece of Telerik Platform Let's take a closer look at the latest release of Telerik AppBuilder.
    February 16, 2015