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    Telerik XAML Q3’11 Beta—A Walkthrough Part 1: RadBarCode

    The original version of this post can be found on   Come mid-November Telerik will be releasing the official versions of RadBarCode, RadVirtualizingWrapPanel, and RadChartingKit—and a couple surprises to boot. ;-)  In this 3-part article, Telerik XAML Q3’11 Beta—A Walkthrough, we give you a comprehensive technical look at each of these 3 new controls—make sure to check them all out!  We also recommend that you download the beta so you can make the most of what you’re reading. For an introductory overview you can check out the official beta announcement on our Silverlight Team blog.  Introducing RadBarCode RadBarcode allows you to accurately track...
    November 01, 2011
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    RadBusyIndicator for WP7 Video Now Available

    I posted a video recently of how to get started using the RadBusyIndicator for WP7. Feel free to check it out and leave comments in the section below. Title: Getting Started with the RadBusyIndicator Description: Today we are going to be looking at getting started with the RadBusyIndicator which is part of the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7 control suite for .NET Mobile development. The RadBusyIndicator enables you to display a progress animation and thus inform your end-users that a long-lasting operation is performed. The control delivers 8 different animation styles out-of-the-box and also allows for designing custom animations. You can specify...
    October 27, 2011
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    Upcoming XAML Talks

    Here are the upcoming XAML Talks that I have scheduled. If you are attending any of them then feel free to stop by and say Hello. All About Xaml – 10/27/2011 @ 6PM – WinRT XAML/C# and what this means for SL Developers.   Desert Code Camp – 11/5/2011 in Chandler, Arizona. Title: Getting started with Silverlight 5 Abstract: This session is designed for people who want to quickly understand the key features in Silverlight 5. We will walk you through downloading the bits to finally starting your first project starting from File->New Projects. We will also take a look at several key features such as XAML...
    October 27, 2011
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    New Team Member on the XAML Evangelism Team.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michael Crump, and I am the newest member of the XAML Evangelist team. I will be spreading the word about Telerik’s WP7, WPF and Silverlight controls. I will also be covering other great Telerik products . I will be writing blog post, creating video content, attending conferences and answering questions relating to Telerik’s great line of products. Even more importantly, I will be spending a lot of time working with the community and helping my fellow developer. Last week was the //Build/ conference in Anaheim, California. A lot of questions and concerns popped up all over the internet concerning...
    September 19, 2011