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    New Video Series for Telerik RadCharts for Windows Phone 7

    Hello everyone, Today, we begin a new and exciting video series on Telerik’s RadCharts for Windows Phone 7. What is RadCharts you may ask? RadChart is intuitive and easy-to-use charts designed for the mobile environment. RadChart offers 20 chart series out-of-the-box and is designed for super-fast loading and real-time updates.  The control’s intuitive object model and public API allow complex charts to be easily setup either in XAML or through code-behind. Now that we know what RadChart is, let’s take a look at the roadmap for the series. The Roadmap for the series: I’ve included the Roadmap for the series below as...
    January 19, 2012
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    New Videos Added to our Windows Phone 7 Library

    Hello everyone, You have asked and we have listened! A new set of WP7 videos have been released. This time we included: RadJumpList, RadCalendar and RadDataBoundListBox. The videos below are hosted on TelerikTV and are around 8-10 minutes each. So grab a coffee and put on your favorite tunes and check them out. Getting Started with RadJumpList Getting Started with RadCalendar Getting Started with RadDataBoundListBox The Source Code to all of the videos is also available to download now. In case you missed the Q3 2011 WP7 Webinar describing our new controls then you can watch it here and don’t forget to check out this follow-up blog post...
    January 12, 2012
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    RadControls for Silverlight 5 + SP1 Officially Released!

    Hello everyone, Santa came early this week with RadControls for Silverlight 5 and the Q3 2011 Service Pack 1! Just last week I blogged that we will be releasing our Silverlight 5 build of RadControls shortly. I am pleased to announce that it is currently available to download right now by heading to your client account and selecting RadControls for Silverlight. This is built against Silverlight 5 and has passed all our Q/A checks for use in production applications.  We have however, noticed some quirks that made it through to the SL5 runtime from Microsoft (including the RadRichTextBox  wizard for SL...
    December 22, 2011
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    Getting Started Video Series for our New Controls in WP7

    Just two short weeks ago, our Q3 2011 release for Windows Phone 7 was made available. Today, we have some fresh resources ready for you to watch to start getting the hang of working with the new controls including: RadSlideView, RadContextMenu, RadAutoCompleteBox and RadToggleSwitch. The videos below are hosted on TelerikTV and are around 8-10 minutes each. So grab a coffee, put on your favorite headphones and check them out. Getting Started with RadSlideView (also includes RadToggleSwitch) Getting Started with RadContextMenu Getting Started with RadAutoCompleteBox The Source Code to all of the videos is also available to download now. In case you missed the Q3 2011...
    December 14, 2011
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    Silverlight 5 and Telerik RadControls – What you need to know!

    Introduction The Silverlight 5 Release to Manufactures (RTM) is now available to download from the Silverlight site. Telerik is very excited about this release as well as WPF as you can see in our latest Q3 webinar. We can confirm that all of our tests against the latest release were successful. We will be releasing the SL5 build shortly but no longer than the end of the month. Please use this release to update your Silverlight 5 Beta/RC code to work with and use the new features. Download the bits: Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or Visual Web Developer Express 2010 SP1 is...
    December 12, 2011