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    Windows 8 Primer–Data Binding (Part 1)

    Data-binding is often thought of as an advanced topic, but there really is no reason for that. data-binding is Critical to writing XAML applications Not very difficult to learn A very powerful technique Note to Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone Programmers: Nothing Here Is New.  Data-binding in Windows 8 works exactly as you expect. The basic idea behind data-binding couldn’t be simpler: we are going to provide values to UIElements based on the values of objects or of other UIElements.  In this first tutorial, we’ll keep it simple and bind the value of POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) to UI elements. For example, if I have...
    August 10, 2012
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    From Soup To Nuts with RadControls for Metro (XAML)

    In this second “From Soup To Nuts” post we’ll look at Windows 8 applications built using the C#/XAML RadControls for Windows 8. For information on using the HTML5/JS/CSS3 version, see Michael Crump’s blog post. Setting up Your Development Environment Before getting started, you will need to download and install the following items: The Windows 8 Release Preview can be downloaded from the Windows 8 Download Center.  MSDN subscribers can download the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version from their accounts.  Either version will work with the RadControls. Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate We’ll be using Visual Studio 2012 throughout this and future blog posts.  You can download...
    August 09, 2012
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    What Is Missing In Windows 8 & How Telerik Can Help Fill The Gaps

    Windows 8 is on the horizon, and many of us are turning our attention to building Metro-style applications.  The opportunity is enormous; possibly once in a life-time.  The numbers of Windows 7 machines is staggering, and sooner or later nearly all of these will convert to Windows 8 and find the Store on their Start page.  In addition to the millions of customers who will have access to the Windows Store, many enterprises are gearing up for immersive applications for their businesses.  In short, there is a lot of interest in what it takes to create a Windows 8 Metro-style...
    August 01, 2012
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    RadControls for Metro Beta Q&A

    We showed off the RadControls for Metro Beta in a very well attended Webinar on July 24.  Interest was very high and we stayed through a second hour answering all the comments and questions.  Check out this blog post where we review the webinar and provide links to view the webinar (in case you missed any part of it), and download the slides and the source code.  Here is a list of the key questions and their answers Can we get the Beta now? Yes, you can download it here. Are there any memory leaks in XAML Metro Apps?  We have designed our controls to...
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    Win8, WinRT, Metro, Oh My

    There has been a great deal of confusion about the differences between and among WinRT, Windows 8, Metro, Metro Applications and etc. [ Click on the image for full size ] While there is no reason to be absolutist or pedantic about these differences, if we are going to communicate effectively we need to understand the fundamental differences.  Thus, I offer the following simplifications to get us started… Windows 8 is an operating system, the successor to Windows 7.  There are numerous ways to create applications for Windows 8, and in fact there are now two classes of applications: Metro Style Applications...