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    RadControls for WPF -- Now with Filtering Support

    Boy, am I excited! We managed to push our second public beta out of the door, getting ready for the big Q2 release. Here is what's new: I am especially proud with the new filtering support in RadGridView. We designed the feature so that it would both allow you to plug your own filtering logic and have a cool default UI that will let your users quickly filter the grid. An image is worth more than a thousand words, so here it goes: RadCarousel got even fancier. Check those reflections: We got several new controls, freshly-ported from the upcoming Silverlight control suite:...
  • People

    Launching a new blog

    I am pleased to announce that I am starting a new web development-oriented blog. I have been honored (Thanks, Joe!) to blog on and I think that, after several years of active development on our ASP.NET control suite, I have something to say about web development. What will happen with this blog? Don't worry, I will keep posting interesting stuff here too. I am just trying to separate the general ASP.NET content from control development and Telerik-related news and announcements. What is the best way to stay on top of everything happening in my world? Go ahead and click the RSS...
    September 03, 2007
  • Web

    Ubiquitous: a funny word that unearths some PowerShell trivia

    Do you think that the word "ubiquitous" can be hard on a non-native English speaker's ears. It is hard for Bulgarians, that I am sure. I picked it for the title because I really like its the strangeness and because it has a nice allusion to the software development best practice of automating everything that you get your hands on: tests, build procedures, and deployment. You need that to gain predictability in your project and ensure rapid and often delivery of new features. What surprised me was Jeffrey Snover's (yes, the architect behind PowerShell) comment about the original use of the word...
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    TechEd 2007, here we come!

    I am posting this literally minutes before heading to the airport. I, Vassil, Atanas, Vlad, and several blogless people (hint! hint!) are leaving for the US today. Todd will be joining us too! Come visit us at booth #515. We are delighted to meet you, have a little chat and demo the latest developments on the ASP.NET controls, Sitefinity, WinForms, Reporting, and Silverlight fronts. Meet you there!
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    WebDD: slides and demo code

    As promised earlier, here are the slides and the sample code from my WebDD talk.The code builds an image slide show control and an extender that will zoom its target in on mouse hover and zoom out on mouse unhover doing that with a fancy animation stolen from the AJAX Control Toolkit. Some info that you may find useful when reading the code in no particular order:The ScriptControls project is the real control library. It contains the JavaScript and server-side controls and is being used by some of the pages in the demo site (ImageSlideShowServer, ImageSlideShowUpdatePanel, HoverZoomExtender).The DemoSite project is well... a...
    February 07, 2007